Natsuo Todoroki Guide: Shoto Todoroki’s Older Brother Explained

My Hero Academia has one of the largest casts of crucial characters in manga and anime, rivaling that of other, longer-running series. As such, it can be difficult to keep up with some of the side characters who only have a short amount of time on the screen. One such character is none other than the star of this Natsuo Todoroki guide.

Natsuo Todoroki is a member of the Todoroki family, including the Class 1-A member, Shoto Todoroki, and the infamous top hero, Endeavor. Natsuo may not have the character development that his younger brother and father have, but he still makes an excellent mark in the few times he’s involved in the main story.

In the anime version, specifically, there was one scene in which I know he impressed me with his performance. Find out about that and more in this Natsuo Todoroki guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Natsuo Todoroki is one of the members of the renowned Todoroki family, the older brother of UA High Class 1-A student Shoto Todoroki. Natsuo is also the second-youngest child of Endeavor, the initial number-two hero at the start of the My Hero Academia series.

Unlike his father and brother, he is unable to use the fire powers they have. He only has a single quirk, inheriting the ice quirk from his mother. Like his older sister and eldest brother before him, he was mostly neglected as a child by his father for not being the prodigy he could be.

Natsuo Todoroki Overview

natsuo todoroki

When it comes to shounen series like My Hero Academia, one of the messier parts about them is how many characters are involved in the story. I find that My Hero Academia is one of the greatest offenders in this regard, having way too many heroes, villains, and citizens that it deals with.

It is honestly so much that I don’t blame even the most hardcore fans who aren’t able to memorize the names of every character, including even Deku’s classmates in Class 1-A. That said, there are occasionally some side characters who stand out even among the vast numbers of people who appear in the hundreds of episodes and chapters.

One person that left an impression on me in his short time in the series is Natsuo Todoroki. Admittedly, I already paid close attention to him as a massive Shoto Todoroki fan, but Natsuo did more than enough to warrant his appearance in the series.

The sheer performances he had during his scenes and the impact he left on his family and those around him were enough to cement his character in my mind. This is all without being one of the many heroes and villains that My Hero Academia is all about.

Whether you are new to My Hero Academia or can recite the top 20 heroes in the world in order by heart, here’s what you need to know about Natsuo Todoroki.


Visually, there is nothing too impressive about Natsuo Todoroki. He doesn’t look all that much like Shoto before him or even his father, Endeavor. He takes after his mom and her cool appearance, but while having some unique qualities about him at the same time.

His hair is short but spiky and standing up, reminding me of how Bakugo’s hair looks but much shorter. This is also because he has a lighter white hair color with a tinge of icy blue here and there. This mixes nicely with the light blue sports jacket he wears and the casual jeans and black shirt he wears.

Natsuo’s appearance is nothing too special, and that is mainly because he is a college student. Unlike his other family members, he’s no hero (or villain), so there is no special identity or hero outfit for him to wear. Even still, his plain look is positive and warming when not around his dad. This gives him an inviting visual appearance.

Key Moments in My Hero Academia

natsuo todoroki key moments in my hero academia

Natsuo Todoroki may not show up often in the My Hero Academia manga and anime series, but when he does, they are some notable moments. His appearances begin much later in the My Hero Academia storyline, so you should keep that in mind if you aren’t caught up on the manga or anime.

I should also note that going over his key moments will include some relevant and heavily spoiler-filled segments. If you don’t want to know some of the best twists in the entire series, turn away now, especially if you aren’t caught up with everything.

Growing Up Blue With Envy

Natsuo Todoroki grew up as the third child in the Todoroki family, born to Enji, the hero known as Endeavor, and his mother, Rei. He is also the second son in the family after the ill-fated Toya Todoroki. Like his siblings, he was bred to be a masterful hero who could inherit, hopefully, both quirks from his parents.

This was done in hopes that Natsuo or his siblings would be able to become the new number-one hero someday after All Might stepped down. This was all for the legacy of Endeavor, to ensure that he would look like the greatest hero and father in the history of mankind.

However, Natsuo wasn’t destined to be that successor to All Might and his father since he only received his mother’s ice quirk. As such, he was neglected by his father, ultimately rejected, and never spent any time with his dad.

This was worsened three years after Natsuo’s birth when Shoto was born as the person his father was looking for. Separated from Shoto, he was raised with his older siblings until the fateful death of his elder brother, Toya. From there, he grew up resenting his abusive and neglectful father, envying his younger brother, and wanting nothing to do with them.

Challenging His Father

In the present day of the My Hero Academia series, Natsuo has almost nothing to do with his father and younger brother, Shoto. As a young adult, he goes to college with the help of his older sister, who pays for his education. He visits his mother occasionally in the hospital, where she has been held for a long time, and tries his best to create a living for himself so that he can, presumably, take care of his sister and mom.

However, this all came to a standstill when his father, Endeavor, was made the number one hero in the world after All Might lost the ability to use his powers.

At this point, we see that Natsuo is struggling with the fact that his father is now seen as the best in the world, knowing the abusive dad he was in the past and still kinda is. Natsuo has aggression, anger, and resentment, but still some hope in seeing his father fight against the Nomu, known as Hood, in a death battle.

He hopes for his father’s victory, despite all of his complex emotions. This leads to a massively emotional, heartbreaking monologue in which Natsuo trashes his father for everything he did soon after when eating dinner with him, Shoto, and his sister.

Endeavor hints at trying to be a better father from here on out, but the conversation stops there.

Finding Out the Truth

natsuo todoroki finding out the truth

It all picks up again between Natsuo and his father when Endeavor comes over for dinner once more, but there is a twist. Shoto has brought along his fellow classmates who are training under Endeavor, Bakugo, and Deku. It is an awkward dinner that ends up with Natsuo hurrying up to leave the room and not have to be around his dad.

Soon after, Natsuo is kidnapped by the villain, Ending, and ends up a ransom for getting back at the number one hero. Endeavor, along with the help of the three prodigies, can save Natsuo and prevent a situation like what happened with Natsuo’s brother.

This leads to a somewhat sweet moment between the father and son as Natsuo notes that he will never forgive his father for his abuse and neglect, but Endeavor takes it all anyways and tries to show some affection and remorse. Later on in the Liberation Army War Arc, Natsuo is shown watching the confession from the villain Dabi that his brother is alive and now one of the strongest villains on the planet.

That is the bulk of his central moments in the series, as he only shows up occasionally from that point forward in the later arcs, helping out and showing his commentary on the current state of the world. He is alive and well, still currently in the final arc of the manga.

Special Abilities Explained

natsuo todoroki special abilities explained

There is only a single quirk that Natsuo has in My Hero Academia, to the regret of his father, Endeavor. We don’t get to see him use the quirk much at all, so there is no telling how powerful he is with it or any other details like that.

Ice Quirk

The single quirk and special ability that Natsuo has is his ice quirk. This is the same ice quirk that his mother, older sister, and younger brother have. Little is known about how his quirk works since we don’t get to see it in action.

That said, it’s presumed that his powers are primarily similar to how Shoto’s ice quirk looks in battle. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see Natsuo use his powers much.

It is possible, though, that his ice abilities aren’t as strong or refined as his sibling’s since he doesn’t train much with it these days. After all, he has no interest in being a hero and would rather be an ordinary citizen.

Anime Voice Actor

There are two main voice actors for Natsuo Todoroki, depending on which language for the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia you’re watching. Honestly, this just comes down to accessibility and preference here. The My Hero English dub is one of the best I’ve heard in a long time.

I even preferred it for a while, but now I stick to the Japanese version just so I can watch the episodes as soon as they appear. In the English dub, Natsuo is voiced by Adam Gibbs. Gibbs is a newer actor who doesn’t have a ton of notable roles.

Still, a few of the more popular ones include Hachiman in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Mitsuo in Golden Time (watch this show!), and Ryota in Kakegurui.

On the other hand, if you watch the Japanese version, you’ll hear Yuuki Shin as the voice of Natsuo. This is another case of a voice actor you might not be too familiar with but has been doing quite well in the last couple of years.

If you want to hear some of Shin’s best work, you’ll want to check out his starring role as the excellent Takemichi in Tokyo Revengers. That is his only other notable role, but it is an exceptional one.

I adore that anime’s first season, with a second one coming up relatively soon. Yuuki Shin seems like one particular Japanese voice actor who might be on the rise in the future.

Key Relationships

natsuo todoroki key relationships

Regarding relationships, Natsuo is a side character, so the bulk of his relationships come from his family members. First off, there is his older sister, Fuyumi Todoroki, who is likely the closest person in his life at this current point in the manga and anime.

Fuyumi is that older sister who cares for him and seemingly raised him in a way since his mother and father weren’t as involved in his life. She has given up so much for her brother, making money to send him to college, and cooking and cleaning for him.

They seem to have a very close sibling relationship with one another, where they will do anything for one another.

Natsuo’s relationship with his other family members isn’t as strong. Shoto seems to be the more successful little brother that Natsuo is envious of, but he seems to care and understand his pain somewhat. This is a similar situation with his mother, who he likely loves quite deeply but hasn’t been able to connect with in recent years as she lives in the hospital.

Toya Todoroki was his best friend growing up, leading to his death, but that relationship never got to thrive due to what happened. Spoiler alert, but it seems that Natsuo is shaken by the truth revealed about his older brother. However, we haven’t gotten to see the full impact of that returning relationship yet.

Then there is Natsuo’s father, Endeavor. This is the most strained and depressing relationship for the second-youngest Todoroki child. He resents his father and possibly even hates him, unable to forgive him for how he treated him and his family growing up.

But there are hints recently in the series that this relationship could be mended in the future.

Lastly, Natsuo seems to care about some of Shoto’s friends, like Bakugo and Deku, whom he has met at this point already. It is uncertain if we’ll get to see them hanging out again in the future, but they appear to have some friendly attitudes toward one another.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for another Todoroki family dinner with Deku and Bakugo in tow again in the near future.


Question: Who is Natsuo Todoroki’s Wife?

Answer: He doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend at the time of writing this. If Natsuo Todoroki has a love interest, it is entirely unknown at this point in the manga and anime series. That sounds like a possible reveal we could see in the epilogue or end of the series when it catches up with everyone.

Question: What is the Quirk of Natsuo Todoroki?

Answer: Natsuo Todoroki, like most of the people in the world of My Hero Academia, has a single quirk he inherited from his parents. That quirk is the signature ice quirk from Rei Todoroki that Natsuo’s younger brother, Shoto, also happens to have. Natsuo didn’t inherit his father’s fire quirk.

Question: How Old is Natsuo Todoroki?

Answer: Natsuo Todoroki is currently around 19 years old at this point in the manga and anime. We know roughly how old he is because of the fact that he is around three years older than Shoto Todoroki, and we happen to know that Shoto is roughly 16 or in the manga right now.

Which Todoroki to Check Out Next

Natsuo Todoroki is one of the lesser-known siblings of Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Academia. As an average college student with no interest in being a hero (or villain) like his siblings and father, he is just an average guy. That said, he has more than left his mark on the series in the few scenes he’s had, especially when it comes to his father, Endeavor.

Speaking of his father, I highly recommend checking out more about Enji Todoroki, also known as Endeavor, here. We’ve previously broken down everything that you need to know about the former number-two and currently number-one hero in the world, so be sure to check that out to see Endeavor’s relationships with not just Natsuo but everyone else in the cast.

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