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Hanta Sero Guide: Taping Hero Cellophane Explained

There is always that one person in the massive shounen manga or anime cast that will inevitably fade into the background. This person probably doesn’t have their name etched into the minds of fans, and their scenes are few in number, despite being present most of the time.

In My Hero Academia, that person is none other than the focus of this Hanta Sero guide. The Taping Hero Cellophane is, sadly, one of the more forgettable characters. Having watched and read My Hero Academia up to the latest content, I could still honestly admit that Hanta Sero is the most forgettable member of Class 1-A.

While others have noteworthy powers, twists, or scenes, the Taping Hero isn’t given the same treatment as others in Class 1-A. Despite being part of the main cast of characters, Sero doesn’t get the love he deserves, as you will see in this Hanta Sero guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Hanta Sero is, without a doubt, the most forgettable member of UA High School’s Class 1-A. Despite being part of the most important high school class in the entire world and next to the protagonists of My Hero Academia, he doesn’t do much to stand out.

He fades into the background most of the time, just being there and assisting in most scenes. This is possibly due to his poor visual design that doesn’t do the Taping Hero Cellophane justice and also his lackluster quirk that revolves around using nothing but, well, tape.

Hanta Sero Overview

hanta sero

Above all else, I can’t be mad at My Hero Academia for providing some realism in the midst of villains who can melt your face and icy fire heroes who have some serious daddy issues. Such is the case with Hanta Sero, who is one of the best examples of what real high school can be like.

In every high school class, there are the popular kids, the sports kids, and the ones who just sort of fade into the background. Hanta Sero is very much that character. Despite being surrounded by the strongest child hero prodigies in the entire world, he is just sort of there.

For better or worse, Hanta Sero doesn’t get the fantastic scenes or noteworthy moments that other side characters in Class 1-A received. The saddest part is that there are some scenes involving him that are of note, as you’ll see in his key moments below, but even they fall flat in the end.

It is high time for some love to be given to Hanta Sero so that he can enjoy the fan base that some of the other Class 1-A users have. But with the manga wrapping up quite soon, that is unlikely at this point. In the meantime, hopefully, this guide below will help to shed some light on him.


What immediately makes it obvious why Hanta Sero isn’t exactly a fan-favorite hero in Class 1-A comes from the downright disgraceful appearance that he has in the series. Despite being a favorite of the manga creator, he certainly doesn’t have the love and care put into his design.

This goes for both his regular appearance as a student at UA High School but also his hero outfit as the Taping Hero Cellophane. When an average guy at school, he has a rather plain appearance. His black hair is roughly medium cut for a male, nearly down to his shoulders.

He wears the standard school uniform, so there isn’t much to be said about his fashion sense here. His face is also relatively standard and plain, not standing out much at all save for his large razor blade teeth that maybe could have been his quirk instead.

His look changes considerably when in his Cellophane hero costume. It is primarily black and white, with an intriguing pattern down the middle. On its own, the costume is quite good, but the problem is the white and yellow boots and shoulder pads that mellow down what could have been an excellent Power Ranger-style outfit, complete with a helmet and all.

Key Moments in My Hero Academia

hanta sero key moments in my hero academia

As a member of Class 1-A at UA High School, from start to finish, there are a lot of scenes that feature the Taping Hero Cellophane. Present in most, if not all, of the major story arcs, fights, and moments that are in the My Hero Academia manga and anime series, he experiences most of the significant twists and fights in one way or another.

As such, here is your formal spoiler warning for the next section of this guide.

Joining Class 1-A

We see Hanta Sero for the first time in the manga and anime series when Deku tries to enter UA High School. Sero places 15th in the entry test, earning himself a solid spot in Class 1-A, otherwise known as the premier class for those aspiring to be pro heroes in the future.

Hanta Sero is present throughout most of the arcs that Class 1-A are involved in, such as the trial battle at the start of their school year and the first-ever fight against the League of Villains at the USJ. In the sports festival arc, Hanta Sero does quite well for himself.

During this arc, he is able to advance through the first round, just barely, and make it to the cavalry fight. His team is able to advance, allowing him to place among the top aspiring heroes of the entire class. However, in the final tournament of the festival, he falls short in the first round against Todoroki.

His fight looks initially promising with his ability to tape up and stop Shoto Todoroki from taking him down with the sheer force of his two quirks, but it isn’t enough. Todoroki made quick work of the tape hero and eliminated him from the tournament.

Dominating at School

Hanta Sero continued as a background character during the following arcs that centered around Class 1-A. He settles on the name Cellophane as his soon-to-be pro hero name and proceeds to train at a workplace as part of the internship program that all of the first years had to participate in.

During the rescue race at school, this is one of the shining moments for Sero as he comes out on top. He successfully exercised his expertise when it came to swinging around with his tape and the ability to capture people to dominate in this rescue race easily.

On the other hand, he is just about useless regarding the test to see if the freshmen students can become pro heroes. Fighting against their teacher, Midnight, Hanta Sero is almost immediately taken out of the action, and his teammates have to pick up the slack for him. He fails in the end because of this and has to train hard at the boot camp.

When it finally comes time to take the problematic pro hero exam and earn his professional hero license, he is able to narrowly pass both phases of the exam to score a high enough grade to earn his pro hero certification.

Then as a newfound hero, he participates in the Joint Training Arc with the members of Class 1-B. Together with Bakugo and other members of his class, Hanta is able to take down his Class 1-B enemies in the fourth round of the tournament and look even better than ever before due to his skill and teamwork.

Assisting as a True Hero

One of Hanta Sero’s first missions as a pro-hero is during the Paranormal Liberation Army Arc when they rage war against the League of Villains’ new army. He is one of the team members in the forest who has to work together to put Gigantomachia to sleep. Together, Hanta and the others are seemingly successful in at least making him swallow the medicine.

Hanta Sero continues playing a significant role in the battles ahead, including against the prisoners and, eventually, the traitor in the class. He is currently still alive in the ongoing manga series that is in the midst of its final arc so far.

He is in the Takoba National Stadium as the final battle rages for the world’s fate. He is tasked with taking out the villains in that area and stopping them. Though he doesn’t have a major boss fight to take on at that location, he is still assisting well in stopping the League of Villains once and for all.

Though it is not guaranteed, it is presumed that he will likely be one of the survivors of the war, as there is no reason for him to die at this point. I’m honestly hoping that Hanta Sero gets a nice one-on-one fight at some point in this arc that lets him shine for once.

Special Abilities Explained

special abilities explained

There is a single quirk ability that Hanta Sero has at his disposal. It is presumed that he inherited his quirk from someone in his family, which is typical for many quirk users in the world. However, this is unconfirmed. His quirk isn’t one of the strongest around as it is meant to be mainly a movement and supportive-based quirk.

Tape Quirk Explained

The single quirk that Hanta Sero has is known as tape, hence his pro-hero name, the Taping Hero Cellophane. How it works is that he can produce some sort of white tape material that is, by and large, similar to what you know about regular tape in the real world.

Many fans and even the manga creator of My Hero Academia himself note and hint that Sero’s tape quirk is seemingly based on Spider-Man. Similar to the friendly neighborhood Marvel superhero, Sero can produce a sticky substance in his body that he can use to move around quite quickly.

We have seen Hanta Sero send out his tape, much like Spider-Man’s webs, and swing around the city with ease. He is pretty fast because of this, but the problem is that he lacks any sort of power when it comes to direct fighting.

Sero isn’t able to easily use his abilities to take down foes since it is a primarily supportive ability. However, what he can do is use his tape to incapacitate foes by tying them up and not letting them continue using their powers and fighting.

In addition, he is fantastic when it comes to search and rescue. This is his strongest affinity when it comes to being a pro hero. With his tape, he can maneuver with ease compared to others, find people needing help, and then rescue them using his tape powers.

Ultimate Moves

While fighting is not Hanta Sero’s prowess, he is still capable of using his tape in specific combat scenarios. This is helped by the two ultimate moves that we’ve seen him use in the course of the My Hero Academia manga and anime series.

The first of the ultimate moves is Trident, which is a bit of a strange name for what this ability does. In true Spider-Man fashion, this is his main offensive move. Since his tape quirk can’t damage foes that well, what he can do is attach his tape to massive objects and items that will deal damage.

Trident sees him use his tape to its maximum capability and pick up various items to then launch at his foes and take them out with devastating power.

The other ultimate move that he has is based more on a supportive role rather than an offensive one. In this way, it is arguably the more impressive of the two. Barricade Tape lets him wrap up the entire area around him and anyone that is near him to let them have a massive shield of tape.

This tape is much stronger than it looks, and Barricade Tape makes for a protective wall to keep everyone safe. This can prevent a massive enemy attack from going through or even just buy some time for his friends to come up with a plan to take down the enemies.

Anime Voice Actor

anime voice actor

Whether you are watching the English dub of My Hero Academia or checking out the original Japanese version, you’re in for a real treat. Both versions are well worth watching, and I’ve enjoyed both equally. The English voice actor for Hanta Sero is Christopher Bevins.

You may know Bevins from his past anime and video game roles. Sadly, he mostly plays side characters, such as Nico in Tokyo Ghoul:re, Pipimi in Pop Team Epic, and Japan in Hetalia.

For those of you who stick to the Japanese version, you’ll hear Kiyotaka Furushima as the voice of Sero. Admittedly, he doesn’t have a ton of major voice acting roles, either, up until this point. The most notable roles for him include a ton of Pokemon voices for the Pokemon themselves and Roy in the highly underrated No. 6 anime.

Key Relationships

Hanta Sero may not be one of the most prominent My Hero Academia characters or Class 1-A students, but he has a few notable relationships. He is friends with many people in his class, including Deku, Aoyama, Mina Ashido, Tsuyu Asui, Tenya Iida, and Kirishima.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that he’s friends with Bakugo as that guy is hostile towards almost everyone, but they have a decent enough relationship. Plus, they’ve worked together a few times to at least be solid fighting partners in battle at times. He also has some minor friendships with Tokoyami, Todoroki, Mineta, and everyone else in Class 1-A.


Question: Who is Sero most Shipped with?

Answer: This is subjective, but I find that one of the best ships for Hanta Sero has to be Mina Ashido. They seem to have a close friendship with one another, get along well, and they’ve teamed up several times. If there were a romantic partner for him in the cast, it would be her.

Question: What is Sero’s Ethnicity?

Answer: Sero’s ethnicity is technically unconfirmed at this time. However, given that he lives in Japan and his name is Japanese-based, it is likely safe to say that his ethnicity is Japanese.

Question: What is Sero’s Hero Name?

Answer: Hanta Sero’s hero name is the Taping Hero Cellophane or just Cellophane for short.

Who to Check Out Next in Class 1-A

Class 1-A is massive, with many members that make up the most famous class in the freshmen year of UA High School. Hanta Sero is but one member of this group and, unfortunately, the most forgettable out of all of them. Pick pretty much anyone else in the class, and they will be more notable.

Take someone like Shoto Todoroki, for instance. He was able to successfully take out Hanta Sero, arguably with ease, during the sports festival. He is also one of the fan-favorite main characters in the entire manga and anime series. If you want someone who is basically the opposite of Cellophane, you’re looking at him.

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