Deidara Naruto Guide: The Akatsuki’s Youngest Member Explained

When it comes to the greatest villains in the history of the Naruto series, there are none that are as strong as the Akatsuki organization. This group dominated the entire storyline of the Naruto Shippuden series, with so many different members that were pulling the strings behind everything going on in the ninja world. One such member of the group is the star of this particular Deidara Naruto guide.

Deidara is known as the youngest member of the entire Akatsuki organization. He has some of the more unique motivations and powers in the whole group, as someone who isn’t as aligned with their ideas. Instead, he was somewhat forced into the group after losing a fight and gambling for his future.

He uses his explosive powers to further the plans of the Akatsuki while personally plotting to take out his most hated rival and enemy. Find out who that is and more about this popular Akatsuki member in this Deidara Naruto guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Deidara is known as the youngest member of the Akatsuki. He is also one of the most unique in that he is not strictly aligned with the organization’s goals. Instead, he was scouted out by Itachi and others and seemingly forced into the group after losing in a fight to Sasuke’s older brother.

Itachi is his greatest enemy and the person who wishes to defeat in battle eventually. His powers involve explosives and using their potent energy to take out his enemies. He is also a missing ninja who went rogue and left his village, before joining up with the Akatsuki.

Deidara Naruto Overview

Deidara Naruto
Image from naruto fandom

I’ll be the first to admit that the first part of the Naruto series didn’t grasp me as much as I would have liked it to. My love and passion for the series certainly kicked up in the second part with the Shippuden series after the time jump.

Seeing the Akatsuki organization in action is one of the best parts of the Naruto series. They likely beat out any other evil group in the history of manga and anime as the best around. They carry the entire second half of the Naruto storyline with all of its various members, who are each so intriguing and impressive.

Take their youngest member, for instance, in Deidara. Though he is arguably one of the more insignificant members of the group, even he is a force to be reckoned with that the main characters have to deal with. In addition, he has unique motives and goals that help him to remind the fans of how individualized each Akatsuki member is.

Deidara is a master of explosives and a former shinobi himself who went rogue after leaving his village. Somewhat forced into his servitude to the Akatsuki organization, he is mainly biding his time until he can enact his own plans. Here’s everything you need to know about Deidara.


Appearance Deidara Naruto
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Deidara is a youthful and brighter-looking member of the otherwise moody and dark Akatsuki. In another scenario, his appearance would make more sense as a side character on the side of the heroes in the Naruto series. However, that isn’t the case.

As such, his long bright blonde hair sticks out as an intriguing contrast to his dark outfit and circumstances. His hair is cut short in the back but quite long on the side, top, and front, letting it fall over much of his face. His bangs cover almost the entirety of the left side of his face, including one of his eyes in classic Naruto fashion.

He wears a signature shinobi headband around his forehead, in his case a dark gray, almost black color around the band. As for his outfit, this is where he sticks to the same general uniform as the rest of the Akatsuki with the black robe.

It has the standard red emblems all throughout the robe and the red underside that you can see through the collar. Overall, Deidara has a decent but not super noteworthy character design.

Key Moments in the Naruto Series

As you likely already know, Deidara is a character who appears later on in the Naruto series. As such, he comes during one of the best and most spoilery times in the entire manga and anime. Because of this, you can expect a whole plethora of spoilers for his character and others around him for these following few sections.

If you are someone who never finished the manga or anime series, be sure to turn away now. In fact, why are you even reading this if you never finished Naruto? Go do that already!

Harnessing His Explosive Powers

Deidara Explosive Powers
Image from naruto fandom

Growing up, Deidara was part of the Iwagakure village and was trained to be a shinobi like pretty much everyone else in the Naruto series. However, the difference was his training and expertise regarding the unique explosive ninjutsu skills.

He was able to use explosives in a way that was impressive enough to garner the attention of the Explosion Corps, which he joined at a young age. Throughout his time there, he was able to train and learn more about how to use his explosives most effectively.

However, there came the point where Deidara wanted to bring his passion for making clay art and explosives together. To this point, he stole from the village and ended up on the run with his newfound clay explosive power. He became a wandering ninja at this point who was seen as a rogue ninja by his village.

Though he was on the run, he was pretty successful in becoming an explosive ninja who would sell his explosive clay art to others in hopes of making money and surviving.

Joining the Akatsuki (Reluctantly)

Fight with Itachi
Image from Naruto fandom

Deidara’s work continued until one fateful day when the Akatsuki scouted him out. They wanted the explosive clay powers the young shinobi had and invited him to join their ranks. However, he had no interest in joining the evil organization as he had his plans in life.

To his disappointment, the Akatsuki didn’t give up until Itachi Uchiha finally challenged Deidara to a fight. If the former won, Deidara would be forced to join the Akatsuki. If the latter won, he would eventually be left alone by the villains. Unfortunately, as you might have guessed, Deidara lost quickly and was recruited.

He joined the group but only with the intention of someday getting his revenge against Itachi for forcing him into this situation in the first place.

Going Out With a Bang

From that point forward, Deidara was at the whim of the Akatsuki organization. For most of his time working for the group, he was teamed up with Sasori, who was like his mentor and boss in a way. They went on many missions together, furthering the goals of the group.

These missions included taking on Naruto, Kakashi, and the others and even trying to kidnap Gaara as part of their goals. Though most of his missions ended in failure, he was able to survive for quite some time until his fateful battle with Sasuke later in the Naruto Shippuden series.

Deidara took out his anger toward Naruto, Itachi, and everyone else on Sasuke, giving it his all. He was outmatched and outclassed in every way, though, resulting in the Akatsuki member finally choosing to sacrifice himself to take out Sasuke once and for all.

He used his clay explosives to turn his own body into a walking bomb and blew himself up to take out Sasuke with him, but it was unsuccessful. This killed Deidara and removed him from the plane of the living. However, his story wasn’t over just yet.

He would return later on in the Shippuden series a couple of times as a resurrected soldier for the villains in the series. Deidara played some massive roles in the wars that happened near the end of the series with his clay clones and the like helping the enemies. After all was said and done, though, he was finally allowed to rest and return to his resting place.

Special Abilities

The bulk of the ninja abilities that Deidara has comes down to his explosive powers. Sure, like other ninjas out there, he has some basic abilities that he can use in combat to support his other skills. However, his main ability is creating explosive art, usually in the form of clay, and then blowing it up to take out his foes.

Explosive Clay

Deidara explosive clay
Image from naruto fandom

The bulk of the powers that Deidara has come from his mastery of both explosives and clay art. The latter is his hobby and passion in life, which involves making clay art and bringing them to life using his ninjutsu abilities. However, he paired that with his love for explosives, which he learned over the years as a young shinobi in his village.

He was able to mix the two together and come up with a way to turn his clay art into explosive versions. These clones could then move on their own and then blow up enemies he faces in battle. This gives him an excellent long-range method of fighting and a flashy one that can quickly devastate enemies.

As a regular shinobi, though, Deidara is rather weak and not nearly as notable as some of the others. This is seen in how he loses almost all of the fights he is involved in from start to finish in this storyline. It is rather sad and pathetic, but he is able to use his clay explosives quite well in the afterlife when he is brought back to life. His powers could be seen as a great version of crowd control rather than one-on-one duels.

Anime Voice Actor

The voice you hear for Deidara in the anime version of Naruto will depend on whether or not you are watching the Japanese version or the English dub. The purists out there will likely be watching the Japanese dub with the subtitles on to hear the voice of the Akatsuki member as he was initially intended to sound. However, it is totally fine if you like the English version.

In the Japanese version, Katsuhiko Kawamoto is the voice of Deidara. He voiced the character throughout the entirety of Naruto and also some of the side projects, like the movies and numerous video games. The strangest part about all of this is that Kawamoto has few roles outside of Deidara. The oddest part is that he voiced Ruiga in Naruto previously. But his more notable role outside of this one is Meneck in the recent Tales of Arise.

On the other hand, if you watch the English dub, which is how many fans back in the day enjoyed the show, you mostly heard Roger Craig Smith. There was at least one episode where Smith couldn’t record, and someone else filled in, but the job was almost entirely his the rest of the time.

You may know Roger Craig Smith, most famously as the current voice of Sonic the Hedgehog across games and anime. But some of his other notable roles include Captain America in many Marvel animated series, Ezio in the Assassin’s Creed series, and Chris Redfield in a bunch of Resident Evil games.

Key Relationships

Deidara and sasori
Image from naruto fandom

The oddest part about Deidara is how unconnected he is to almost everyone in the Akatsuki group. He has almost no friends among the entirety of the villains and keeps away from all of them. This is due to the fact that he feels like he was almost forced into servitude against his will.

That said, there are some key relationships that Deidara still has, but none of them are positive ones. The most neutral relationship is with Sasori, one of his leading officers in the Akatsuki organization. Their relationship isn’t that of friendship or anything like that, but mostly just Deidara obeying orders. They go on missions together often, so they make a decent team for fights.

However, every other relationship is a negative one. He doesn’t even seem to like most of the other Akatsuki members. However, there is no one that he hates more than Itachi Uchiha. As the person who basically forced Deidara into joining the group, he sees Itachi as his worst enemy.

It is his hope that he will someday surpass Itachi and be able to take him out for good, getting revenge for forcing him to join the Akatsuki in the first place. This relationship extends in a way to Itachi’s younger brother, Sasuke, who Deidara takes some particular interest in after meeting him.

As you saw in the story synopsis for Deidara above, Sasuke is the person that Deidara goes after and is eventually defeated by for good. It appears that he puts some of his hate towards Itachi onto his brother, Sasuke, for whatever odd reason. That said, Deidara has almost no significant relationships outside of these, no true friendships we know of, and no legitimate, worthwhile ships.


Question: How did Deidara die? 

Answer: Deidara died during the fight with Sasuke Uchiha. He knew that his fight was a losing battle, so he chose to convert his body into a living clay bomb to blow both him and Sasuke up at the same time. This was unsuccessful, and he died alone. He was later resurrected in the series for a brief time to fight in the war but was sent back to his grave after.

Question: Is Deidara a boy or a girl? 

Answer: Deidara is a boy. This is confirmed by the pronouns used in the series to describe him.

Question: Was Deidara born with mouths on his hands? 

Answer: No, Deidara wasn’t born with mouths on his hands. It wasn’t until he stole the powers from his village and used them to create his explosive clay ninjutsu powers that he suddenly had the mouths appear on his hands and his chest as well.

Question: Why was Deidara evil? 

Answer: Deidara isn’t evil because the other Akatsuki members are. He loves to blow things up with his clay art, and that’s about it. He was forced into the organization by Itachi Uchiha and likely wouldn’t be part of them otherwise. But he probably would still be evil since he loves blowing up everything.

Which Akatsuki Member to Check Out Next

Deidara is among the many members of the Akatsuki organization and one of the least intriguing, in my honest opinion. I am not a massive fan of the character as he feels like more of a filler one to pad out the ranks and make the organization seem stronger and more significant than it honestly has to be.

That said, his explosive clay powers are intriguing enough on their own to make his character worth it. The main problem I have with Deidara is the lack of importance he has in the story. He doesn’t connect well enough with anyone to make any impact on the plot or characters, whether he’s alive or not, so he feels like more of a forced villain than most.

That said, there are some members of the Akatsuki that are absolutely worth checking out. Be sure to take a look at more information about characters like Itachi Uchiha. The renowned older brother of Sasuke is one of the most infamous villains in the series.

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