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Kiyomi Uchiha Guide: Sasuke’s Twin Sister Explained

With any massive series like Naruto, there are bound to be characters who slip between the cracks and even the most diehard fans don’t know about. Such is the case with someone surprisingly important, like Kiyomi Uchiha, one of the many members of the Uchiha Clan.

What may surprise you, though, is that she is the long-lost twin sister of Sasuke. Find out about this and much more in this Kiyomi Uchiha guide.

What may interest fans is the fact that Sasuke might have a twin sister and one that hasn’t appeared in the main series as of now. Even including Boruto, Sasuke’s twin sister hasn’t officially made an appearance in the manga or anime series.

However, this hasn’t stopped her from gaining a ton of fans and stories about her up until now. But what is the truth? And what is a lie? Find out the truth about Sasuke’s twin sister in this Kiyomi Uchiha guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Kiyomi Uchiha is a fan character that was made to be the long-lost twin sister of Sasuke from the Naruto series. She was abandoned by her family and exiled from the group at a very young age, just before the clan was slaughtered.

As such, she was the only one spared outside of Sasuke. She grew up, influenced by Orochimaru and others to become one of the most potent kunoichis in existence. Despite this, she is unknown to anyone and everyone, including her brother Sasuke, and also Itachi, who committed heinous acts against their family members.

Kiyomi Uchiha Overview

Kiyomi Uchiha

Without a doubt, one of the most popular Naruto characters of all time, and perhaps the most popular of them all, is Sasuke Uchiha. He is undoubtedly my favorite character in the manga and anime series, and for some solid reasons. He has one of the best designs, backstories, and personalities.

Now, what if I told you that there was more to his story than even the most diehard Sasuke fans know about? What if I told you that there was another sibling that he has other than the infamous Itachi who committed the horrible acts against the Uchiha Clan?

Well, I am here to share with you the news about Kiyomi Uchiha, the long-lost sister of Sasuke. She is none other than the younger twin sister of Sasuke, someone who the semi-protagonist doesn’t even know about. He has no idea that he has a younger sister that survived the acts against their family.

Kiyomi Uchiha is a background character who doesn’t have much to do with the main story of the Naruto series. Instead, she has to do with side characters and past villains like Orochimaru and others. Her shadowy nature has made some wonder if this kunoichi member of the Uchiha Clan even exists in the first place. I have all of the answers for you about Kiyomi Uchiha below.


Take, for instance, the idea of someone like Sasuke Uchiha. I’m sure you’ve seen those filters and TikTok trends where it will turn someone like a male into a female. Do that with Sasuke, but make him look like this gorgeous but strong woman. Then add in some elements of Hinata, minus the eye stuff, and you pretty much have the appearance of Kiyomi Uchiha.

She is the beautiful feminine version of Sasuke with her own quirks, like rather long flowing hair and piercingly dark eyes that stare right into your soul.

But there are some critical differences between her and Sasuke at the same time. She has a relatively cheerful appearance that is often smiling, warm, and inviting. Personality-wise, she is the exact opposite of her older twin brother, which shows quite a bit in her facial appearance at the same time.

Key Moments in the Naruto Series

As a relatively background character, Kiyomi isn’t someone who’s heavily involved in the main events of the Naruto series. She’s someone who is there in the lore behind everything happening but has little to do with the events of the main series. In fact, Sasuke doesn’t even know the existence of his long-lost twin sister.

Kiyomi’s Tragic Childhood

Kiyomi’s Tragic Childhood

What little we know about the events regarding Kiyomi Uchiha starts with her childhood. She grew up in the town with the Uchiha Clan, just like her older twin brother. However, something occurred (it is still unknown at this time) around when she was four years old that led to her being exiled from the village.

Or, at least, being lost and never being able to return home. Because of this, though, she lucked out and wasn’t there when Itachi committed his heinous act of slaughtering everyone in the Uchiha Clan. This spared her as the only survivor of the entire affair other than her older twin brother, Sasuke, of course.

Becoming a Chunin Shinobi

Though Kiyomi wasn’t there during the incident in which the Uchiha Clan was slaughtered, she returned soon after the deed was done and found everyone dead. She also learned around this time that it was her older brother, Itachi, who did the deed in the first place.

At this point, she swore vengeance against Itachi and that she would train as a ninja until she could grow up and destroy him for good. Soon after, she was found by the villainous Orochimaru, who took the young girl in and began to train her as a shinobi using the techniques he knew.

He was able to help her become quite influential in just a few short years, capable of rivaling even the best in her clan. However, Kiyomi had no idea who Orochimaru indeed was and the goals that he had in mind, especially for her.

In the end, Orochimaru made his move and attempted to bite Kiyomi and give her a cursed mark as one of his experiments. She was, thankfully, able to escape his grasp and ended up on her own again. She continued to live in the forest, learning, and training on her own until the Chunin Exams.

She was able to pass these with flying colors, allowing her to be on the same level as some of the most potent young ninjas of her age. That is the extent of her known storyline until this point in the Naruto and Boruto universes. Of course, much more has likely happened with her at some point, but we will have to wait and see about that for now.

Special Abilities

There are two core abilities that Kiyomi has learned over the years that have helped her to become a valuable shinobi and a powerful foe for many.

For starters, there is her connection to the Uchiha Clan. Though she didn’t receive training from her family like the others, she still has their powers. And then there are also the abilities she learned from her mentor, Orochimaru, who took her in for many years.


Kiyomi’s Sharingan

For starters, there are the powers that Kiyomi inherited from the Uchiha Clan. Since she was removed from the family at a young age, she did not receive the education and training that other members did, including her older brothers.

As such, she doesn’t have the formal shinobi training everyone else in her family has. Even still, she inherited one aspect of the Uchiha family, and that was the Sharingan. Like her twin brother, she also possesses the Sharingan, and she awakened to it even earlier than Sasuke did.

Hers is immensely powerful, growing over the years to become the Mangekyo Sharingan and eventually even the Mangekyo Sharingan Eternal. She is capable of opening black holes that will absorb anything in the vicinity and cause unparalleled levels of destruction.

She is also capable of using some aspects like her siblings, such as fire and lightning attacks. However, she isn’t as necessarily skilled in those as her family since she didn’t receive the proper training to use them in battle like they did. Her Sharingan is even a raw version that is immensely powerful but difficult to control.

Snake Summoner

Snake Summoner
Image from narutofanon fandom

The bulk of the power that Kiyomi Uchiha has comes from the training she did receive, which wasn’t from her family. As someone who spent many years with Orochimaru, the evil mastermind trained her in the ways of the snakes, just like him.

As such, she learned how to do snake summoning and made a pact with a snake named Ren. Ren is her closest companion, a giant snake that can destroy anything in her path. This massive snake is fiercely loyal to Kiyomi, willing to follow her to the ends of the earth.

There are also the basic snakes that Kiyomi can summon, even letting her hair turn into snakes Medusa-style. This gives her a unique shinobi feel since she mixes together the abilities of two of the most intriguing Naruto characters: Sasuke and Orochimaru.

Anime Voice Actor

Unfortunately, Kiyomi Uchiha hasn’t appeared in the anime adaptation of Naruto or its sequel, Boruto, until this point at the time of writing.

She is a background character meant to be just in the series lore, and that’s it. At least for now. As such, there are no anime voice actors who have played the role of Kiyomi up until now. Hopefully, that changes in the future, but we will have to wait and see for the long-awaited Sasuke and Kiyomi reunion.

Key Relationships

Kiyomi Orochimaru
Image from Pinterest

There are only a few key relationships that Kiyomi Uchiha has. She has been largely secluded from the rest of the world due to her tragic circumstances, so there aren’t many people that she knows and cares about. The bulk of her relationships come from her family.

Her relationship with the Uchiha Clan seems to be a primarily antagonistic one. She likely doesn’t appreciate that she was exiled from the village at a young age. It also doesn’t help that Itachi killed everyone, so her feelings towards the entire Uchiha family are likely to be quite hateful and vengeful.

However, the one possible exception to this is Sasuke. It is believed that she possibly knows of her brother’s existence and survival. As twins, it is likely that they are connected in one way or another and that they care deeply for one another. It is possible that she would even want to see him if she could. But that hasn’t happened in the main series as of now.

The other relationship is with her tragic mentor Orochimaru. To her, she is possibly like a parent figure—someone who raised her from a young age and taught her about the world. But for Orochimaru, she is likely just another experiment and aims to meet their goal for evil. Sadly, she likely resents Orochimaru now, too, after what happened with them.

Lastly, there is Ren. The one positive thing to come out of living with the vile Orochimaru for many years, Kiyomi’s snake companion is her best friend and only comfort in the world. They understand each other well and spend a lot of time together hanging out. Their emotional bond allows Kiyomi and Ren to be mighty together in battle.

Is Kiyomi Uchiha Real?

You may have noticed some things while we were talking about Kiyomi Uchiha this entire time. One, there is the fact that I never once mentioned that Kiyomi and Sasuke had met each other. That is because they haven’t met one another at this point in time in the Naruto universe.

That would seem quite odd, right? After all, the Naruto series is about connecting back to events and ensuring that characters have those emotional moments with one another. So, why would they miss out on the opportunity to bring in some extra pain for Sasuke in meeting his long-lost sister?

But that’s not all. There is also the suspicious fact that there’s no anime voice actor for Kiyomi because she’s never appeared in the anime of either Boruto or Naruto. In the same vein, she has never appeared in the main manga for either series.

There is also the matter of convenience. She is conveniently not there during the events with the Uchiha Clan, so Sasuke doesn’t see her. She is trained by Orochimaru, but we conveniently never see them together or meet her in the main series.

She also never meets characters like Mitsuki from Boruto, who is literally the child of Orochimaru. Worse still, Sasuke ran with the trio who now live with Orochimaru, and yet none of them ever cared to tell Sasuke that his younger twin sister used to live with the villain.

And we all know that the evil Orochimaru would gladly use all of this to his advantage if he had the opportunity. So, it finally begs the question you may be wondering at this point: is Kiyomi Uchiha even real? That is a valid question and one that I have the answer to.

No, Kiyomi Uchiha isn’t even real. She never was and likely never will be unless the current Boruto manga creators opt for a new twist in the Sasuke storyline. Kiyomi is simply a fan-created character with a backstory and entire background created for fun.

She doesn’t exist in the slightest, which might be confusing if you look her up. Some images look like they were ripped right out of the anime of Kiyomi. These are fan-made pieces that are pretty impressive, indeed. The artist and creator of Kiyomi are believed to be a DeviantArt user who should be commended and honestly hired to work on the whole Boruto series at this point. Sadly, Kiyomi isn’t real for now.


Question: Does Kiyomi have a Sharingan? 

Answer: Yes, Kiyomi Uchiha has the Sharingan that she inherited from the Uchiha Clan. However, unlike Sasuke, she has the Sharingan in both eyes. This is possibly why she can ascend to even greater heights of power and forms using the Sharingan.

Question: Who does Kiyomi Uchiha like?

Answer: There is no confirmed ship for Kiyomi Uchiha at this time. However, in her later years, she meets and befriends (sort of) Gaara. There is some likely shipping material there between the Fifth Kazekage and Kiyomi.

Question: Does Kiyomi Uchiha exist? 

Answer: Sadly, no, Kiyomi Uchiha doesn’t exist. She is a made-up character that a fan artist convincingly created. Hopefully, that will change someday, though, if her popularity continues to rise.

Which Naruto Character to Check Out Next

At the end of the day, Kiyomi Uchiha is one of the most remarkable characters ever to be mentioned in the Naruto series. The feminine, more cheerful version of Sasuke, who wields snakes, sounds like the perfect formula for a new fan-favorite character. Too bad she isn’t even real, to begin with.

While that may be disappointing for many fans who like the idea of Kiyomi, there is still the chance to check out some of the real Naruto and Boruto characters. For instance, if you want to learn more about the actual real sibling of Sasuke, then feel free to learn more about Itachi Uchiha. Just be warned that he is nothing like the brilliantly made fan character of Kiyomi.

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