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Whenever you watch Attack On Titan, you’re always on wits end guessing which Titan Power comes next in the series. The anticipation builds up, and you’re as excited as anyone else who watches the show for the first time. For those who love reading the manga, you also get giddy flicking through pages as you guess what happens next. Both manga and anime fans would agree that the reveal of the final Titan Power is as epic as it could be.

While there are many strong characters in Attack On Titan, the War Hammer Titan was among the much-anticipated characters many look forward to seeing. The most powerful characters in the series are the inheritors of the Nine Titans.

Since the beginning, the main character we loved (or hated), like Eren, Reiner, Armin, Annie, Zeke, and Bertholdt, has inherited one of the Nine Titans. However, technically, none used the War Hammer Titan to their advantage.

The War Hammer Titan is the last to appear on AOT; it’s also among the least popular among the nine. Despite being part of the epic roster, there is limited information about the War Hammer Titan’s history, powers, and previous inheritors.

The War Hammer Titan (戦鎚の巨人 Sentsui no Kyojin) is the only Titan power that has remote operation ability. Want to know more about the War Hammer Titan? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog, we explore the background, abilities, and fascinating trivia of the War Hammer Titan. Note: Spoilers Ahead!

Bottom Line Up Front

The War Hammer Titan is among the most ambiguous and mysterious Titan Shifters. Aside from appearing near the end of the story, it also has unique power and abilities. Many fans are curious about the War Hammer Titan’s motivations.

The War Hammer Titan can wield its power without being inside the Titan’s body and creating different weapons types. The Tybur Family once held it for generations; the last War Hammer Titan from the Tybur family was Lara Tybur. Currently, Eren Yeager is the holder of the War Hammer Titan.

Who is the Inheritor of War Hammer Titan?

War Hammer Titan

After the long wait, fans finally witness the War Hammer Titan in action. It is the last Titan Shifter to appear in manga and anime series. Introduced in Chapter 101 in the manga series (Season 4, Episode 6 in the anime), the War Hammer Titan amazed the fans with its unique character design and abilities.

To counter Eren Yeager’s surprise attack on Marley, the War Hammer Titan fought against Eren’s Attack Titan. This episode also revealed Titan’s inheritor, Lara Tybur. She wields the highly unique and powerful War Hammer Titan.

But, who is Lara Tybur?

Lara Tybur is the younger sister of the deceased Willy Tybur. She is a lady of nobility who stands relatively taller than an average woman. You can easily recognize her because of her dark eyes and slightly wavy hair in a bun. Typically, Lara wears a black and white dress with long puffy sleeves and an embroidered white collar.

Unlike her brother’s charismatic personality, she rarely expresses her true desires and motivations. Fans seldomly see her in human form for a few scenes and chapters. But, what’s great is that the anime explored her character even more. She is simply known as Willy Tybur’s younger sister in the manga.

As she inherited the War Hammer Titan, the Tybur family was mum about her true identity, keeping it a tight-lid secret. That’s why we don’t know much about why the Tybur family chose her to wield and hold such Titan power.

At first glance, you’d be genuinely impressed about Lara’s War Hammer Titan. It’s no secret that her character design stands out from the rest of the Titan Powers. She has a different outer skin than the rest of the Titans because of her hardening abilities. Because of this, she wields near limitless potential in terms of melee and even range attacks.

War Hammer Titan: Appearance, Personality, Abilities

Lara Tybur


When it comes to making an entrance, the War Hammer Titan did not disappoint. The War Hammer Titan rose from the ground up, creating spikes that pierce Eren through the chest. It creates a large hammer smashing the spike down with its unique abilities. During this battle, the War Hammer Titan wielded different weapons, making it difficult for Eren to win this battle easily.

Lara’s War Hammer Titan has a muscular and masculine stature. It stands quite taller than the Attack Titan. Unlike most Titans, its body is covered in hardened Titan skin. The only body parts exposed through a segmented skin mesh are its mouth, jaw, and eyes.

The War Hammer Titan brings a massive war hammer of hardened Titan flesh, eponymous to its name. This weapon is approximately twice the height of its body.


The Nine Titan Powers take their personality after their inheritor; in this case, we will discuss Lara’s personality — what little of it we’ve known and seen anyway. It is pretty obvious that Lara also shares her brother’s radical views about Paradis and Eldians. She is a willing participant in Willy’s plan to use his own life to draw out and kill Eren.

This entire time, we’ve seen how Lara is level-headed and laser-focused in her mission even after her brother’s death. In her heated battle with Eren’s Attack Titan, she draws all her power even when she is inexperienced and hasn’t used her Titan power for ages.


War Hammer Titan

Like all the nine Titan Powers, the death of Ymir Fritz brought the War Hammer Titan into the world. This Titan Power was held and inherited by different warring Eldian houses subservient to the Founding Titan.

When King Karl Fritz abandoned the conflicts of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island, the War Hammer Titan was inherited by the noble Tybur family. During the uprising of Marley in the Great Titan War, the Tybur family were among the first Eldians to help them in the war.

As the Great Titan war ended, the War Hammer Titan was left in possession of the Tybur family. For generations, the Tybur family have sworn to defend the new nation of Marley as honorary Marleyan aristocrats. Interestingly, the War Hammer Titan was left unused in the battle for centuries. It only revealed itself during the Liberio battle.

For security reasons, the Tybur family kept the War Hammer Titan’s identity a guarded secret. Only select high-standing officials and nobilities in Marley knew its inheritor.


Structural Hardening

Are you wondering why the War Hammer Titan seems to be wearing a blue suit? Well, that’s hardened Titan flesh. Structural hardening is among the most impressive abilities of the War Hammer Titan. It can produce and manipulate structures and weapons by using hardened Titan flesh.

The War Hammer Titan can easily form pikes, spiked bats, sickle, battle-ax, or a broadsword and even ranged weapons to impale a significantly large Titan, like the Attack Titan. It can also create spike protrusions underground. The War Hammer Titan can do all these by encasing in a hardened crystal.

While this seems like an OP skill, Theo Magath, a general of the Marley military, highlighted that constant usage of the ability for a short amount of time could quickly deplete the inheritor’s stamina.

Remote Operation

What makes the War Hammer Titan special among the other Nine Titan Powers? It is the ability to control and wield its power remotely. It doesn’t have to sit on the nape of the Titan, which serves as the control center of all the eight Titan Powers.

The War Hammer Titan’s inheritor can be hidden underground. However, it is connected to its inheritor through an umbilical-cord cable of hardened Titan flesh. Since the inheritor is encased in crystal and can control the Titan power remotely, the War Hammer titan can emerge in different locations upon transformation.


Regenerative abilities are common to all Titan Powers. The War Hammer Titan can quickly regenerate wounds received during battles. As the War Hammer Titan received a barrage of attacks from Eren’s Attack Titan, she quickly restored her Titan’s wounded flesh and limbs in a matter of minutes.

Liberio Battle: Eren and the War Hammer Titan

Liberio Battle

Unfortunately, Lara’s lack of combat experience led to her demise. Eren quickly notices that the War Hammer Titan’s inheritor doesn’t sit on their nape. He then located the end of the umbilical-like cord where Lara rests, separate and vulnerable.

Before Eren found this weakness, Lara muttered these powerful words, “Usurper, Eren Yeager. Do you have any last words?” However, after Lara uttered these words, the things that happened were precisely the opposite.

Eren successfully defeated the War Hammer Titan because of his quick thinking. In the battle, he takes advantage of the Jaw Titan’s power to get Lara outside the encased protective crystal and eat her. Now, Eren manages to hold three of the Titan Powers: the Attack Titan, the Warhammer Titan, and the Founding Titan.

Interesting Trivia Facts about the War Hammer Titan

Many fans are interested to know more about the War Hammer Titan. Of course, who wouldn’t be? The War Hammer Titan is an exceptional character to explore. Given its limited appearance and screen time in both the manga and anime show, you might have missed a lot of easter eggs and interesting trivia about the War Hammer Titan!

So, are you up for some good trivia facts about this Titan Power? If you do, check out the list of trivia facts we’ve gathered up about the War Hammer Titan.

It Was the Last Titan to Appear

One could argue that the War Hammer Titan is among the least popular Titan Powers in the show, but I digress. It first appeared on the season finale of Season 4, Episode 6, and 101st Chapter of the manga. Despite it being last to appear, it made a huge impact on fans.

But those who haven’t gotten too far in the Attack on Titan lore might never even heard of this Titan Power. It was only introduced in the attacks made by Eren in the Raid in Liberio. Before this, many knew the War Hammer Titan existed without evidence of who the inheritor is, other than being a member of the Tybur family.

Eren Manages to Eat and Acquire the Powers of the War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan transforms

Disadvantaged, Eren sought a way to eliminate Lara Tybur and win the fight. When the Jaw Titan joined the battle, things to a wrong turn for Lara. After the Jaw Titan and Attack Titan battled it out, Eren realized and came up with a strategy to take the War Hammer Titan.

He used the Jaw Titan’s invincible teeth to crush and destroy the hardened crystal enclosure the War Hammer Titan is in. Eren quickly grapples to Lara’s body and eats it, acquiring the powers of the War Hammer Titan.

The War Hammer Titan’s Weakness Isn’t Their Neck

The most common way to kill a Titan Power is to focus your attacks on its weak spots. For the eight Titan Powers, it is their neck. However, this is not the case for the War Hammer Titan.

Since the War Hammer Titan can remotely control its powers without sitting on the Titan’s nape, it seems invincible. Well, that’s entirely incorrect! In the Raid of Liberio, Eren instantaneously realized that its weakness lies in following its umbilical cord-like connection where the inheritor lies conscious inside a hardened crystal.

It Is Considered the Best at Hardening

Hardening is not a new skill for inheritors who possess the Titan Powers. It is among the most functional and powerful abilities that have been shown since the beginning. In Season 1, we’ve witnessed how Annie’s Female Titan used hardening to her advantage. Despite losing the battle, she was able to protect herself using the crystal.

The War Hammer Titan has limitless potential for structural hardening as it can’t only harden certain parts of their body. It can also create and wield any weapons to defeat its enemies.


Question: Who is the War Hammer Titan Before Eren?

Answer: For years, the War Hammer Titan was kept within the Tybur family. The power was passed on for generations and was held by Lara Tybur before Eren has acquired it along with the Attack Titan and Founding Titan.

Question: Is the Inheritor of the War Hammer Titan a Boy?

Answer: No, she is a mature young woman. Many confuse the War Hammer Titan’s inheritor as male, especially since it has extremely muscular features. Unlike the Female and Cart Titan, it doesn’t also sport long hair. However, the current inheritor of Titan Power is Eren, which is a boy.

Question: How Old is Lara Tybur?

Answer: While there’s no actual data or official information about Lara’s age, the Titan Shifter was approximately 25 years old. Audiences can infer that she is around her mid-20s with only a few years left to live as the War Hammer Titan.

Question: How Did Eren Defeat the War Hammer Titan?

Answer: It wasn’t an easy battle between Eren’s Attack Titan and War Hammer Titan. Eren wouldn’t have won the battle not for Porco’s Jaw Titan. He was quick-witted and used the Jaw Titan’s ability to bite through the toughest objects to crush Lara’s crystal enclosure and eat her.

Question: Why Did Lara Tybur not Eat Eren?

Answer: Many fans and AOT enthusiasts are dumbfounded why Lara didn’t try to eat Eren. Well, it’s actually because of her stamina. The War Hammer Titan might be powerful, but it lacks stamina. So, it needs to make effective and deadly blows to play a short battle.
But the Raid in Liberio dragged so long that Lara lost the stamina; this isn’t a problem of Eren’s Attack Titan. He intended to play the long game and leverage its endurance to ensure the best chances of winning. This long battle provided the War Hammer Titan with no opportunity to eat Eren.

Question: Is the War Hammer Titan Wearing Clothes?

Answer: The War Hammer Titan might look like it is wearing a blue jumpsuit, but it is covered in hardened Titan skin. It isn’t wearing any clothes, just like the rest of the Titan Shifters. The Armored Titan also wears an armoire-like hardened skin, and the Cart Titan wears a helmet. However, no Titan in the manga wears regular linen clothing.

Question: Did Eren Already Use the Warhammer Titan?

Answer: Eren frequently uses the Attack Titan even when he already wields two other Titan powers. However, he used the War Hammer Titan’s powers to defend himself when he was imprisoned. He briefly explained to Hange that he could transform into a Titan no matter how challenging or deep his cell is.

War Hammer Titan Guide: Finishing Up

The War Hammer Titan is an impressive Titan Power to wield. It can be deathly unstoppable when the inheritor is well-versed and extremely quick-witted on its powers and abilities.

Nearing the end of such a massive show, we’re just as excited to see how Eren uses the War Hammer Titan’s powers to their full potential. Do you have any guesses as to how the War Hammer Titan will come in action this season finale? Is he going to use the War Hammer Titan? Place your bets! We want to know your thoughts.

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