Arthur Monteclar

Arthur has been in the writing business for years now, and he loves writing about his hobbies, one of which is Anime/Manga. He is particularly fond of One Piece and Kaguya-Sama, to name a few. He is also a software programmer, so he understands the craft and effort invested in the gaming medium. So when he isn't keeping up with the latest manga releases, he usually has a controller in hand.

Ymir AOT Guide

Ymir AOT Guide

Manga and anime have etched a mark in pop culture, and it’s no surprise why. Throughout the years, I have seen and read a lot of anime and manga. One of my personal favorites is Attack on Titan. Its increasing popularity is attributed to its well-written plot, detailed world-building, and extensive character list.  With a …

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Inko Midoriya Guide

In a world of heroes with superpowers, you often get to think about who is there to help them when they are in their time of need. Many authors and writers explored this topic, but I admire how Kōhei Horikoshi explored it in his Japanese manga series Boku no Hero Academia. You should give it …

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Pieck Finger Guide

There’s just so much to love about Attack on Titan, from the extensive world-building, interesting character arcs, and seemingly grey reality the story runs on. That’s why it is no secret that both manga and anime have attracted thousands of fans across the globe. Whether you’ve joined the bandwagon or have been a fan in …

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Colossal Titan Guide

One of the most exciting things about Attack on Titan is its seemingly unpredictable plot. Every fan would undoubtedly remember how the story began and unfolded. It’s likely that the first moments were the main reason the manga became so popular. Many didn’t realize the intensity of the very first chapters.  The story shocks many …

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