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Hunter x Hunter Shirt Ideas and Picks

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Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing great. Today, I’m here with a mixed guide sharing some nifty Hunter x Hunter shirt ideas and fun picks. Hunter x Hunter is one of those OG series that got people into watching animes and reading manga.

If you are here to get yourself some cool Hunter x Hunter shirts, I obviously don’t need to brag about and convince you how great the series is. Welcome, fellow hunter.

Even though I like myself some peace and solitude, being locked up in my home with my sometimes annoying siblings 24/7 for a whole year is too much for me. It would be an understatement to say that I was dying to go outside, feel the wind, explore the unexplored, and get myself some fabulous fashion on the way. That sounds like a dream, right? Yeah, well, it stayed a dream cuz Covid just doesn’t want to go away.

Defeated, as usual, I turned back to my laptop and listened to Grant rant about some anime seasons, manga, and light novels. I was craving adventure, and being already up-to-date with all my favorite running mangas and anime; I didn’t know what to do.

Often, this is when I rewatch those top 10 moments from old animes. YouTube decided to throw some recalls from Hunter x Hunter, and I got hooked once again. And who can blame me? Hunter x Hunter is just that fun a series. It’s full of action, adventure, comedy, and wholesome moments. Gon’s personality and adventurous nature speak of “freedom” to the viewer’s soul.

Once I was done with watching the whole series again in the form of dozens of best moment videos, I wished to get myself something as a memorial to the fantastic series. I already have a figure collection, cards, and bags; I wanted something that I could wear everywhere. That’s when my heart sang,” shirts!” 

Soon, my little sister came in to annoy me as usual. But she got curious about what I was doing and joined me on my search for some Hunter x Hunter shirts. We both share the love for the series, after all. She wanted a rabbit hood T-shirt with a cute picture of Killua on the front, but our search yielded nothing.

We didn’t find a single option that fulfilled our criteria. That’s when we thought about customizing some designs ourselves and sending them in for custom production. I decided to document our journey for anyone who might want to get themselves a cool Hunter x Hunter shirt but didn’t like what he found.

This guide is rich with the ideas we binged together and some nifty picks that we selected after scouring the internet for hours. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the content.


Best Hunter x Hunter Shirt Ideas And Picks: Bottom Line Upfront

My favorite shirt idea for this guide is the Hisoka Rabbit Ears Hooded T-Shirt. I love Hisoka and his unique personality.

He is the Joker of Hunter x Hunter and undoubtedly fun to watch character. He’s a mix of dark comedy, weird expressions, and innovative battle techniques. A mastermind indeed. Add all of that to the fun rabbit ears, and you get a cool combination. 

Buying Guide: Tips, Tricks, And Advice

Here are some valuable tips and advice that will ultimately help you while making an online purchase:

Best Sites To Buy The Shirts

While shopping online, you always find millions of options on Google. However, not every online shop provides the best quality stuff. Thus it is essential to find the most reliable shops. 

I ordered the shirts from many different online shops. However, the experience was not the best everywhere. Few online store sites where I found good shirts include “,” ““, ““, ““, and ““.

Some sites where you can customize your favorite T-Shirts are “” and “”

Types Of Hunter X Hunter T-Shirts Available In The Market

Hunter X Hunter merchandise offers various items from entire clothing apparel and toys collections to household stuff and figures to its fanbase. Today my main focus is their T-Shirts, and it comes in many designs that you can style with the other merchandise items. Some of these T-Shirts are mentioned below so you can get an idea of what is available in market

  1. Basic half sleeve T-shirt
  2. Long sleeve Crew neck T-shirts
  3. Polo collar t-shirt
  4. V-neck t-shirt
  5. Henley collar T-shirt
  6. Baseball Tshirt
  7. Turtle neck shirt
  8. Cap sleeve t-shirt
  9. Longline T-shirt
  10. Pocket T-shirt
  11. Hunter X Hunter Cosplay T-Shirt

Excellent Quality, Affordable Price Range, And Sizes Of T-Shirts

Quality And Material

Whenever you buy a T-Shirt, always check for its quality first. Bad quality T-Shirts will not last long, and their print will also fade away very quickly. I recommend cotton and a blend of cotton polyester material. These materials are long-lasting, comfortable to wear, and can be machine washed easily in cold water.


Whenever you buy a T-shirt, always know who you are buying it for. Kids, Men, and women have different size guides so read them carefully to learn the measurements correctly. Usually, T-Shirts come in many sizes, from XS to 3XL. If you are lucky, you might be able to find 4XL and 5XL too.

Price Range To Look For

To me, spending a lot of money on a T-Shirt is not the best choice and you can easily find great quality T-Shirts in a reasonable price range. After buying a lot of stuff online, I concluded that spending between 15 to 30 US dollars is a fair price for an excellent quality T-Shirt.

I do not think that spending more than that is a wise decision. However, it might cost you more when customizing your own design. Personally, 40 to 50 US dollars for a customized excellent quality Hunter x Hunter T-Shirt is a fair price. I would not recommend you go over that budget as you can definitely find other places that will offer you this price range.

My Selection Criteria: Why Did I Choose These T-Shirts?

My main focus is always on quality and pricing. I do not want to buy a shirt that is of good quality; however way out of my budget. But I also do not want to compromise on quality.

As I mentioned above, the ideal price range for a good Hunter X Hunter T-shirt ranges between 15 to 30 US dollars. Since I got a few of these shirts for my friends who are true fans of the series Hunter X Hunter like me, I tried to get the best while staying within that budget.

The other things I look for in the T-Shirt are its availability, consistency, material, good designs, variety in size and color, and worldwide shipping facility. You can not beat these T-Shirts picks based on the criteria mentioned above.

My Top 7 Hunter x Hunter Shirts Ideas

#01 Hunter X Hunter Chibi Cat-Ear Killua Printed T-Shirt Idea

Hunter x Hunter Kilua Chibi T-Shirt Idea
Image from

This is my take on a cool Killua Long sleeves T-Shirt. It features him in cute Chibi cat ears on the center of the shirt with Killua Zoldyck in a Japanese accent written on the back. As the overall color theme for this Killua’s print is light, I think this print will go very well with a white shirt with sky blue borders.

If you do not like these color combinations, other great choices will be yellow, baby pink, light orange, and light purple. However, I would not suggest using dark colors for this T-Shirt. I prefer high-quality cotton material for summers. It keeps you cool and can be washed quickly in the washing machine with cool water. 

Idea Picture Reference Link: Click Me.

#02 Hunter X Hunter Hooded Phantom Troupe T-Shirt Idea

Hunter X Hunter Hooded Phantom Troupe T-Shirt Idea

If you are looking for a dark-themed Phantom Troupe hooded T-Shirt idea, I am sure you will love this one. It features the silhouette of all twelve members of the Phantom Troupe, with Chrollo Lucilfer standing in the middle with a stunning galaxy-like background in the front of the T-Shirt.

Phantom Troupe is written in a scary font, and a Phantom Troupe’s spider logo is printed on the back of the T-Shirt. I love the dark color theme prints on the dark color shirts, so I would love this print on a black T-Shirt with borders of the same magenta and blue color used in print to give it more of a 3-D look.

I would use excellent quality cotton and polyester mixed material for this T-Shirt, so it feels soft and comfortable on the skin.

Idea Picture Reference Link: Click Me.

#03 Hunter X Hunter Kurapika 3-D Printed T-Shirt Idea

Hunter x Hunter Kurapika 3D Printed T-Shirt While I was scrolling through my Pinterest account, I came across this fanart of Kurapika. The moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to customize a Full Sleeves T-Shirt with this exact print to wear with my Hunter X Hunter shorts. It features a full 3-D print of Kurapika with his chains on the front of the T-Shirt and its sleeve.

The T-Shirt color is the same as the background of Kurapika’s image without the moon. It has his famous quotation, “I do not fear death. I fear only that my rage will fade over time.” printed on it in white. I recommend polyester and spandex blend material for this T-Shirt. This material is suitable for daily wear, is easy to clean, and feels good on the skin. 

Idea Picture Reference Link: Click Me, 2.

#04 Hunter X Hunter Baggy Long Sleeves Crop Top Idea

Hunter X Hunter Baggy Long Sleeves Crop Top Idea

This is another Killua printed top idea that I came up with after searching for a while on the internet to find a similar item. I wanted to surprise my friend on her birthday by giving her a present.

She loves Killua, and she likes to wear clean printed shirts, so I decided to design a stylish- baggy crop top that features a simple and clean design. It has a well-known Killua’s quote, “If I ignore a friend I have the ability to help, would not I be betraying him?” on the center of the crop top and has Hunter X Hunter in Japanese accent printed on both sleeves in white.

She loves the color black, so I would customize this crop top in black and use cotton-polyester mixed material, so it is soft and comfy to wear.

Idea Picture Reference Link: Click Me.

#05 Hunter X Hunter Gon Freecss Sleeveless T-Shirt Idea

Hunter X Hunter Gon Freecss Sleeveless T-Shirt Idea

This is my take on Gon Freecss’s sleeveless printed T-Shirt idea. This design idea is very similar to the tank top. It features the main protagonist of the series, Gon Freecss standing in front of a tree in the center of the T-Shirt.

The Hunter X Hunter logo is printed in black and white on the back, and Gon Freecss is written in a Japanese accent on the sleeves. I prefer an orange T-shirt for this print as it would really go well with the print’s background.

If you do not like the orange color, other colors are dark green, yellow, and light green. I would use high-quality pure polyester material for this tank top. It does not tear easily and can be quickly washed in the machine.

Idea Picture Reference Link: Click Me.

#06 Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Rabbit Ears Hooded T-Shirt Idea


Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Rabbit Ears Hooded Hoodie Idea

Here is my top favorite design idea for my favorite character from the series Hunter X Hunter, Hisoka. This design features an adorable chibi-style Hisoka fan art on the front of the T-Shirt with a stylish rabbit ears hood. It has the famous Hisoka quote, “I choose not to kill you now.

You see, it suits me to let you live until you become a truly worthy opponent.” printed on the back in black. I prefer a baby pink color for this light theme print as it will give it more of a cute, adorable look. You can also use lime, white, and light orange color as the background.

However, I suggest you avoid using dark colors like purple and dark brown, etc. I prefer cotton and polyester blend material for this hooded T-Shirt as it is suitable for summers and can be washed in the washing machine in cold water.

Idea Picture Reference Link: Click Me2.

#07 Hunter X Hunter Meruem Quotation Baggy Turtleneck T-Shirt Idea

Hunter X Hunter Meruem Quotation Baggy Turtleneck T-Shirt Idea

If you are looking for a catchy quotation printed T-Shirt idea, this design will make you happy as it has a stylish turtleneck and clean print. This turtleneck T-Shirt features Meruem’s famous quote, “Do you humans ever listen to the cries of mercy coming from the pigs and cows you slaughter?” on the top front.

Hunter X Hunter is printed in bold on both sleeves. I would prefer this T-Shirt in green color, but you can print it in any color. I would use high-quality polyester material for this turtleneck T-Shirt. It is more durable and can be easily worn on routined days as it can be used rough and tough.

Idea Picture Reference Link: Click Me.

My Top 8 Hunter x Hunter Shirts Picks

#01 Hunter X Hunter Hisoka Run Dye T-Shirt

Hunter x Hunter Hisoka Dye T-Shirt

Nowadays, my little sister is obsessed with tie-dye ideas. Last weekend, she asked me to help her test out the famous Tik Tok of tie-dye by tie-dying my old trousers. While scrolling through the internet, this T-Shirt grabbed my attention.

Her favorite character, Hisoka, is printed on it, with a tie-dye background. I know that she will love this as a present. This Crunchyroll exclusive T-Shirt is made from high-quality cotton, and you can grab it from the link: Click Me for only 30 US Dollars.


  • It has high-quality print on it and is available in many sizes.
  • You can easily machine wash it.
  • I like that this five-star review T-shirt’s neck and shoulders are taped.


  • It does not come in other color options.

#02 Hunter X Hunter The Leader Tank Top

Hunter x Hunter The Leader Tank Top
Image from Hunter x Hunter Merch Store

One of my favorite evil characters of all time, Chrollo Lucilfer, is the leader and founder of the Phantom Troupe. I am so obsessed with his personality that I had to choose this tank top when I came across it. I love how its print and color theme goes so well together.

This tank top feels comfy on the skin as it is constructed from a premium quality polyester blend material. It is also budget-friendly as it is available for only 19 US Dollars at the link: Click Me.


  • It is available in many sizes, so hopefully, you can grab it without any trouble.
  • I love it in the white color, but many other color options are also available if you do not like the white.
  • It has a high-definition print that lasts for a long time.


  • Some people might not like that it is a tank top.

#03 Hunter X Hunter Killua Crop Top With Striped Long Sleeves

Hunter x Hunter Kilua Crop Top
Image from Walmart

This crop top instantly caught my eye because of its stylish design, similar to what Killua wore himself in the series. I know that it would be a perfect gift for my cousin as he likes to show off his love for the series Hunter X Hunter all the time.

He also loves to cosplay different anime characters, and I still remember his stunning Killua cosplay he did back in December. It is made up of an excellent quality polyester and spandex. You can quickly grab it from the link: Click Me at a reasonable price of 18.09 US Dollars.


  • It has a good quality print on it.
  • It comes in a crop top design that I personally love.


  • It is not available in many sizes.
  • It does not have other color options to choose from.

#04 Hunter X Hunter Gon Transformation T-Shirt

Hunter x Hunter Gon Transformation T-Shirt
Image from Hot Topic

This T-Shirt grabbed my attention because it reminded me of one of the epic moments from Hunter X Hunter’s series.

The most hyped fight of the series between Gon and Neferpitou. When Gon Freecss knew that Neferpitou would not heal Kite, he transformed into a superhuman and killed Neferpitou ruthlessly. This epic fight T-Shirt is made from high-quality cotton, and you can grab it at a discount price of 11 US Dollars from the link: Click Me.


  • It is available in a wide range of sizes.
  • It has a five-star review on it.
  • It has excellent quality print on it.


  • It does not come in other color options, making it less attractive to some people.

#05 Killua Zoldyck & Gon Freecss Baseball Jersey No.2

Hunter x Hunter Kilua and Gon Baseball Jersey
Image from Hunter x Hunter Merch Store

Since high school, my friend has been a baseball player, and he loves Hunter X Hunter. We had a fun time watching it together at his place. When I came across this jersey, I instantly thought of him as I knew this would be the best present for him.

The simple and clean design of this Jersey makes it attractive to me. It is constructed from pure polyester and is very comfortable to wear even during the match. It is also budget-friendly and is available for only 28 US Dollars at the link: Click Me.


  • It is available in many sizes, so everyone can grab it.
  • It has a high-definition print.


  • It does not come in any other color theme.

#06 Hunter X Hunter Gon & Killua Printed T-Shirt

Hunter x Hunter Gon and Kilua Printed T-Shirt
Image from Amazon

While scrolling through the internet, this T-Shirt grabbed my attention. It features my favorite characters from the series Hunter X Hunter with the attractive dark-themed print that gives off cool vibes. This shirt is comfortable to wear as it is made from pure cotton material and is perfect for summer. You can quickly grab it from the link: Click Me, and a very affordable price range of 19 to 30 US Dollars.


  • Many sizes of this T-Shirt are available.
  • It is machine washable.


  • The price of the T-Shirt varies with its size.
  • It does not have other color options.

#07 Hunter x Hunter Protagonists Printed T-Shirt For Women

Hunter x Hunter T-Shirt for Women
Image from Walmart

My friend loves the protagonists of Hunter X Hunter because all of them have totally different natures, yet they get along very well. This Hunter X Hunter protagonist T-Shirt for women caught my attention while I was scrolling down as I knew that it would be a perfect present for her.

This simple T-Shirt can be styled in so many ways, and I love the color theme printed on it. It is constructed from polyester and spandex mixed material that is very soft and comfortable to wear. It is available at the link: Click Me in a very reasonable amount of 16 US Dollars.


  • It is available in many color options.
  • It is machine washable, which makes it easy to wash.


  • It does not come in various sizes.

#8 Hunter X Hunter Kurapika Scarlet Eyes T-Shirt

Hunter x Hunter Kurapika Scarlet Eyes T-Shirt
Image from Hot Topic

My younger cousin loves Kurapika because of his unique secretive personality and sad ruthless background. Everyone can see Kurapika’s beautiful eyes, but no one can guess the amount of sadness they hold. When I saw this T-Shirt, I had to add it to my top picks because of its attractive print.

It is made from an excellent quality cotton material, and you can get your hands on it at the link: Click Me. It is wallet-friendly and is available for only 16 to 19 US Dollars.


  • It comes in multiple sizes, so many people can enjoy wearing this T-Shirt.
  • It is a uni-sexual T-Shirt.
  • It is machine washable.


  • It is not available in other color options, making it less appealing to some people.


Question: What can you pair with a Hunter X Hunter T-Shirt?

Answer: Hunter X Hunter’s official and fan-made merchandise offers millions of stunning items to its fanbase, from clothing apparel to household stuff. Some of the great items that can be paired with the Hunter X Hunter T-Shirt are jeans, sweatpants, shorts, skirts, socks, shoes, sandals, hats, etc. I love to pair my Hunter X Hunter T-Shirt with my favorite Hunter X Hunter customized denim jeans.

Hunter X Hunter Black Denim Jeans:

These customized denim jeans feature my favorite characters from the series Hunter X Hunter. Killua, Gon, Hisoka, Chairman Netero, and Leorio are printed in cool, vibrant colors giving these jeans a unique look. It is very comfortable to wear, and you can machine wash it quickly. It is available in a wide range of sizes, and it can be customized in a reasonable price range of 80 US Dollars.

Question: Is the Chairman Netero T-Shirt available on the market?

Answer: Yes, Hunter X Hunter official merchandise offers a wide variety of merch items based on Chairman Netero. One of these items includes his T-Shirts as well.

Hunter X Hunter Chairman Netero Basketball Printed T-Shirt:

This T-Shirt features my favorite old man from the series Hunter X Hunter having a fun time playing basketball. I love how this print is simple, yet it delivers so many fun emotions. It is made from high-quality pure cotton material that can be quickly machine washed with cold water. This T-Shirt comes in various sizes, from S to 3XL. It is also wallet-friendly as it is available for only 20 US Dollars.

Question: What are the top five meaningful Hunter X Hunter quotations perfect for printing on its T-Shirt?

Answer: The anime series Hunter X Hunter has so many meaningful quotes that can be printed on its T-Shirt. Some of the top five quotes that I love from the series are given below:

“In the hands of an incompetent, power brings nothing but ruin.” -Meruem.
“It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash.” -Hisoka.
“Move, and you die. Use Nen, or utter one word, and you die.” -Killua Zoldyck.
“The Grim Reaper’s riddles do not need anyone to answer.” -The Narrator.
“Human potential for evolution is limitless.” -Isaac Netero.

Best Hunter X Hunter T-Shirt Ideas and Picks Guide: Final Thoughts

Hunter X Hunter is one of the best anime series of 2011, blended with adventure, fiction, martial arts, and fantasy. The fantastic storyline about a boy who went on a journey to become a Hunter and found his father has made Hunter X Hunter enjoyable.

The other unique personalities of the series, like Killua, Kurapika, Hisoka, and Chorollo Lucilfer, add more flavor to the series and have secured their place in the hearts of millions. I hope you had fun reading this article and found these mentioned T-Shirt ideas interesting. Until we meet again, have fun customizing your own Hunter X Hunter T-Shirt.

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