Mistress 9 Sailor Moon Crystal

Mistress 9 Sailor Moon Crystal

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Sailor Moon is one of the most famous manga of the 20th century, written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. It was first serialized from 1991 to 1997 in the monthly manga anthology Nakayoshi. Later on, Sailor Moon was adapted into several anime series, including an animation series airing from 1992 to 1997, three feature films, and three short films produced by Toe Animations.

The live-action television series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon aired from 2003 to 2004, followed by the reboot series Sailor moon crystal aired from 2014 to 2016. 

The series takes place in Tokyo. A girl named Usagi Tsukino, the reborn Sailor Moon, and her comrades’ Sailor Guardians were awakened to protect the Silver Crystal and solar system. The series has three seasons, each covering different arcs, i.e., Dark Kingdom, Black Moon, and Death Busters. During each season, Sailor Moon and her fellows fight to ward off the evil powers trying to destroy and take over the planet Earth. 

The story of Sailor Moon is a perfect mixture of thrill, romance, action, and magical powers. It follows an ideal development of heroic characters and well-established backgrounds of villains. There are sets of villains constantly trying to attain the powers of the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Season three of the Sailor Moon series covered the Infinity arc. This season, Daimons from another dimension enter the Earth to take over and reside as their second mother planet. To do so, they required a powerful energy source, making Silver Crystal their target. A powerful villainess known as Mistress 9 was brought to life by a scientist who wished to create super life forms, upon orders of Master Pharaoh 90, an extraterrestrial being. 

Mistress 9: The Maleficent Mistress

Mistress 9 Sailor Moon Crystal

Mistress 9 is a solid and well-written character. Despite being introduced pretty late in the series, her character noticed a strong plotline. Mistress 9 developed a strong connection with the main characters because of her host Hotaru Tomoe. This made her story more fascinating.

Mistress 9 has a powerful aura outside and a strong will inside. Above all, she is fearless and strives to do almost everything required to achieve her goal. She almost has all the qualities that make her very good a villain. Nonetheless, she has a weakness. This deficiency demands that to activate herself in another dimension, she needs a host body that keeps her dormant when she struggles with her powers.

Overall, her character was the main reason to keep the audience on the edges of their seats. If it wasn’t for her, new characters from outer solar stars would never have been introduced. We can vividly observe lots of characters developing through the existence of such an antagonist, as the story took many turns during and after her arrival. 


In Human Form

In her human form, Mistress 9 is a tall lady in her early 30s. She has straight black hair long enough to surpass her feet with bangs falling on her forehead and has purple eyes changing to red occasionally. She wore a purple and black long dress with pearl chains attached to it and 3-pearled drop earrings. Mistress 9 has a Black star mark on her forehead, representing her origin from the Tau star system. 

In Daimon Form

When she came out in her Daimon form, she appeared to have a big purple and oddly muscular body and white eyes with crystal spikes emerging from her back and arms.



Before Mistress 9 was transformed entirely, her personality was muffled and timid, and she was lonely most of the time. Still, the alternatives can be seen in her character when she struggled to control the powers intimidating her from inside. After being transformed into Mistress 9, her personality changes drastically to being loud and confident. She is a narcissist who uses her manipulative strategies’ to control others and use them for her purposes.

Her ultimate goal is to be the partner (equivalent to being a bride) of Pharaoh 90 and merge with him again. She has kept her loyalty to Pharaoh 90 above anything else. She disparages the population of the Earth. She does everything because she is bound to the pharaoh’s desire for the vesselization of the planet Earth. 

Abilities And Powers


Mistress 9 is the most decisive leader of the Daimons after Pharaoh 90. She can move galaxies at a speed of MFTls (Massively Faster Than Light) just like her master, except she is slower than her master.


One of the abilities Mistress 9 has is teleportation. She can open dimensions to travel through them, and her teleportation abilities allow her to open gateways for her master.

Power Nullification


Mistress 9 can nullify any other power she is exposed to. Which is one of the reasons she couldn’t get destroyed no matter how much power gathered. She can be seen using her nullification abilities when attacked by Sailor Guardians.

Energy And Soul Drain/Absorption

One of the dominant abilities Mistress 9 has is energy and soul drain. She absorbs others’ souls and uses their energy as a source of generating more energy. Mistress 9 can capture up to 4 souls at a time. In the Sailor Moon series, she absorbed the souls of Sailor Guardians in her defense against their attacks.

Age Manipulation

Age manipulation is a phenomenon where one’s age can be accelerated or reversed. Mistress 9 was seen using age manipulation on Hotaru’s body and accelerated to a 30-year-old adult lady.

Astral/Psionic Power

Mistress 9 bears the Saturn spirit making her capable of attacking other planes of reality. She has Astral arms she uses to snatch the bodies and souls of people. During her encounters with her enemies in the Sailor Moon series, she extended her arms to strangle them. 


Mistress 9 holds the power of healing injured and eliminating disease symptoms. Her healing abilities can be seen when she heals Chibiusa’s injured arm, even before being transformed into Mistress 9.


One of Mistress 9’s powers was to summon vines with thorns and black roses. She was seen using it in the Sailor Moon series to cover the building of Mugan Academy to prevent it from intruders.

Absorbing Energies/Emitting Crystals


When Hotaru’s soul becomes a hurdle and uncomfortable for Mistress 9, she leaves Hotaru’s body. In her actual form, she can absorb energy sent at her. Also, while energizing, she emits crystal spikes from her body.


Mistress 9 could fuse herself into greater power. She can be seen getting merged with her master, the only entity more powerful than her.


Hotaru Body Serving As A Capsule

The only weakness Mistress 9 has; is Hotaru’s soul, who did not let her take control over her body. Hotaru regularly resisted and made it hard for Mistress 9 to perform her actions. 

Her Loyalty

One characteristic that can be counted as Mistress 9’s weakness was her loyalty. Mistress 9 was way too loyal to her master, mainly due to her desire to unite with him, and she even had to share the power with him. 

The Story of Sailor Moon Through Misstress 9’s Eyes


The story starts with strange events of people turning into monstrous creatures, leaving everyone in terror. Sailor Moon and Sailor Guardians notice that these strange events are associated with Mugan academy. They decide to attend the concerts and other events at Mugan academy, where they get introduced to witches five and the phenomenon behind people turning into monsters.

Mistress 9 herself is a powerful villain introduced way later in the Infinity arc of the story. The story of Mistress 9 begins with a girl named Hotaru Tomoe, who seems to be hiding most of the time. Hotaru was the only child of Professor Tomoe, who got injured and was near death due to an accident at her father’s lab. 

During a storm, the lab was struck by lightning and caught fire. That fire resulted in the death of Keiko Tomoe, the professor’s wife, and left Hotaru seriously injured. Professor Tomoe started conducting experiments to save his daughter’s life. During one of his experiments, an extraterrestrial entity, Pharaoh 90, entered the Earth through the space created by the professor. 

Pharaoh 90 offered him the life of his daughter and superior knowledge. The professor always wanted to produce super life forms. Cooperation with Pharaoh 90 was his opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream. 

Pharaoh 90 Provided him with an egg containing Mistress 9 and asked the professor to find a suitable host to implant the egg. Professor Tomoe willingly consumed the Germatoid egg, which took over his body later. He chose his own daughter to implant Mistress 9 egg.

Mistress 9 stayed dormant most of the time due to Hotaru’s strong willpower. In her father’s lab accident, Hotaru lost most of her limbs, leaving her with much less of her original body. Although she had a weak physical appearance and suffered occasional seizures, she kept pushing herself and fighting back. 

During her struggles, she met Chibiusa. Due to Chibiusa’s friendly nature, she becomes close enough to invite her home. Where they share the secret of their crystals, exposing Silver Crystal to Mistress 9.

After meeting Chibiusa, Mistress 9 became aware of the Silver Crystal. She became more ravening and powerful to overcome Hotaru’s body completely. On the other hand, Chibiusa and Sailor Senshi discussed Hotaru as a Sailor Saturn, without knowing that she was also possed with a diamon. 

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune suggested killing Hotaru as she was reborn with Sailor Saturn’s spirit out of the fear that she could bring the end of the world. While Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon opposed the thought of killing her and finding another solution. As their discussion becomes intense, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune leave to kill her and Chibiusa to save her.

After awaking, Mistress 9 attacks Chibiusa stealing her Silver Crystal and snatching her soul to gain more energy and power. She summoned vines with roses and thorns to cover the Mugan academy building to avoid interruptions. 

She also ordered her subordinates to finish Sailor Guardians so she could take over without any more hurdles. She then called upon her master Pharaoh 90. He had awakened and was ready to take over the planet, owing to the successful attempt of Mistress 9 in opening the portal for her master.

The arrival of Pharaoh 90 started a furious fight between the Sailor Guardians, Mistress 9, and master Pharaoh 90, to which Hotaru’s soul resisted from inside of Mistress 9 body. This resistance made her very uncomfortable in Hotaru’s body, which she didn’t like anyway. To break free from Hotaru’s body, she needed to control it entirely, but Hotaru’s soul kept her from doing so. 

Here Hotaru had two choices: keeping Mistress 9 inside her body or letting her free along with the souls of Sailor Guardians trapped in her body. She sacrificed her life to return the Silver Crystal to Chibiusa, and all the souls trapped in her body were set free. Mistress 9, later, merges with her master, which can be considered the end of Mistress 9. 

Characters That Had An Impact On Mistress 9’s Life

Master Pharaoh 90

Master Pharaoh 90

Master Pharaoh 90 is one evil mastermind behind death busters and the arrival of Mistress 9. He gains his power from the Taioron Crystal back in his home dimension. However, the Taioron Crystal is losing its power. Master pharaoh plans on attaining power from Silver Crystal to take over the Earth and make it his second home planet.

Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90 were partners in their past lives in another dimension. Which urged them to reunite their powers on Earth as well. Mistress 9 was sent to open up the gateways for her master. By using the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal, both Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90 wanted to spread their influence over the Earth and consume all of the world’s energy and convert it to dark energy. 

Hotaru Tomoe As Mistress 9 Host

Hotaru Tomoe was the daughter of Professor Tomoe, and she was reborn with the spirit of Sailor Saturn. At the age of 6, Hotaru was caught up in an accident at her father’s lab. Resulting in the death of her mother, leaving Hotaru injured. Her father performed several experiments on her body to save her life and implanted the pod of Mistress 9 inside her body.

From then on, Hotaru became very confined and hid her modified body with long sleeves and leggings. Personality-wise, Hotaru is a quiet and lonely person who gets bullied by people at school due to her having seizures. The seizures she suffered were due to the growing Mistress 9 egg inside her body, which she soothes with a small Taioron Crystal.

During one of the attacks, Chibiusa assisted her and gave her a Silver Crystal to relieve her pain. Hotaru felt strange greed towards the Silver Crystal, and Mistress 9 wanted to attain it. After getting aware of the Silver Crystal, Mistress 9 forced Hotaru’s soul to become dormant, and she transformed herself. After the transformation, Mistress 9 snatched Chibiusa’s soul and her brooch containing the Silver Crystal. 

Hotaru was a strong character. Despite her occasional seizures, she never let herself lose to the influence of Mistress 9 growing inside her body. Mistress 9 would’ve taken over her long before if not for her strong willpower.

Professor Souichi Tomoe

Professor Souichi Tomoe

Professor Shuichi Tomoe was one of the main characters who played a vital role in the awakening of Mistress 9. Professor Tomoe was a famous scientist in genetic engineering and astrophysics. He was kicked out of the scientific community because of his god-awful experiments. 

He became leader of death busters after being possed with a Germatiod. To save his daughter injured in an accident, professor Tomoe altered her body using cybernetic and genetic technology and implanted Mistress 9 egg inside her body. This resulted in the slow awakening of Mistress 9.

Professor Tomoe’s lifelong dream was to create supernatural beings. Implanting Mistress 9 eggs in his daughter’s body was one way to experiment with Daimons. Once the mistress was awakened professor kneeled to her and greeted her as he was waiting for her arrival. 

Professor implanted Mistress 9 eggs in his own daughter’s body. There might be a few reasons that make her a suitable host. Her body was frail, making Mistress 9 easy to control. Furthermore, it was easy for the professor to keep an eye on her conditions and demands as she lived under his supervision without any resistance.

Professor Tomoe was already an evil genius, performing experiments to produce super beings. When offered the power and resources, he became more greedy to fulfill his desires that he ignored the well-being of his own daughter.


Kaolinite is the commander of death busters and creator of the witches’ five, and the first person to get attacked by Pharaoh 90. Kaolinite was an ordinary human working with professor Tomoe when she was forcefully implanted with a Daimon egg. She works as the principal of Mugan academy, where her main goal is to collect bodies to use them as Daimon hosts.

Kaolinite strives to become a partner of Pharaoh 90 on Earth, which creates a rivalry between her and Mistress 9. After awaking, Mistress 9 told Kaolinite that she was the only puppet they used to achieve their goal; how could she even think about becoming the master. This left her with no choice but to follow Mistress 9’s commands. Mistress 9 ordered her to finish the Sailor Guardians as she would not want another failure.

Kaolinite confronts the Sailor Guardians to complete the task assigned by Mistress 9 and gets killed by the Sailor Moon attack. Before Mistress 9 arrived, Kaolinite was the evil Germatiod capturing souls to serve Pharaoh 90. She played a vital role in the series as she introduced the intentions behind Mugan Academy.

Sailor Chibi Moon

Chibiusa Tsukino is the only child of Queen Serenity and King Endymion. She came from the 30th century to train with Sailor Guardians. She encountered Mistress 9 when she was dormant in Hotaru’s body and befriended her.

After a few meetings, Mistress 9 became aware of the Silver Crystal and its power, which made her more furious to gain it. Mistress 9, benefiting from Chibiusa’s kindness towards Hotaru, snatched her Silver Crystal and soul, leaving Chibiusa in a comatose state.

Sailor Uranus And Sailor Neptune

Sailor Uranus And Sailor Neptune

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are two Guardians from the outer solar system and were introduced in the Infinity arc of the Sailor Moon series. The two Sailor Guardians are portrayed as lovers in the series. Sailor Uranus has both male and female characteristics as a civilian.

He was seen as a male, and when transformed into Sailor Uranus, converted to female. They were reborn to stop the destruction supposed to be caused by Sailor Saturn, not knowing that Sailor Saturn (Hotaru) is possessed by Mistress 9. They suggested killing Hotaru before she was awakened as Sailor Saturn by the three talismans. 

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are the first to know that Hotaru is not awakened as Sailor Saturn but Mistress 9 when Chibiusa’s soul is captured by her. Initially, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune were the only Sailor Guardians aware of Daimon and their interference with the world.

The story of Daimons started 2, 3 years ago when Sailor Guardians were busy saving the world of the 30th century. As outer Sailor Guardians, they were aware of the things happening across different dimensions.

Mistress 9’s Significance To The Series

Hotaru’s Fight Against Mistress 9

Although Hotaru’s body was possed and dominated by Mistress 9, she continued to fight back, keeping Mistress 9 dormant in her body for a long time. After Hotaru’s body went under the control of Mistress 9, her soul kept fighting to take control. Hotaru did her best to protect the Silver Crystal, Chibiusa’s, and Sailor Guardians’ souls, which Mistress 9 captured to gain more energy.

Due to constant interruptions, Mistress 9 felt very uncomfortable and controlled and wanted to break out of Hotaru’s body. Initially, Hotaru’s soul resisted Mistress 9’s desire to free herself of Hotaru’s body. Later on, she sacrificed herself to return the souls and Silver Crystal to Sailor Guardians. 

The Final Battle

After the death of Hotaru, the battle between Pharaoh 90 and Sailor Guardians began. After breaking out of Hotaru’s body, Mistress 9 merges with her master, Pharaoh 90, and they start converting everything into dark energy. To stop them from spreading further, outer Sailor Guardians built a barrier Greek preventing them from spreading over the Earth. 

All the inner Sailor Guardians combine their power with Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor chibi moon to attack Pharaoh 90. Instead of getting distorted by their attack, master Pharaoh 90 absorbs their energy and becomes more powerful. 

Awakening Of Sailor Saturn

Awakening Of Sailor Saturn

Sailors Saturn is only supposed to be awakened by the destruction that cannot be recovered. Sailor Saturn destroys everything, including herself, and everything is reborn. She was only supposed to destroy everything if there was no other way to end a conflict. She never intended to achieve pleasure from destruction.

At the end of the battle, Sailor Saturn was awakened by the activation of three talismans. Using her silence glaive, she destroyed master Pharaoh 90 and sent him back to his home dimension by opening a portal.

Trivia And Fun Facts

Mistress 9: A Devoted Follower Of Master Pharoah

Although Mistress 9 is seen doing all the dirty work as the most powerful servant of Pharaoh 90. He was never seen to admire her as a faithful servant but used her as a hook to catch fish. 

Hair Is Not Only What You May Think Of It.

Mistress 9 has beautiful, long black hair that flows longer than herself. Her hair is more than just hair; she uses them as a weapon, and she utilizes the length of her hair to strangle her enemies. 

One Character, Many Names!

One Character

Mistress 9 goes by a few other names in the Sailor Moon series. Before she was awakened, she was known by Sailor Guardians as the Dark Messiah or Messiah of Silence. She holds the most power besides Pharaoh 90 and can destroy everything causing silence. No one knew her name until she declared herself as Mistress 9.

An Uncanny Resemblance To Keiko, Hotaru’s Late Mother

Keiko Tomoe is Hotaru’s late mother. She looks similar to her mother. Dark hair and violet eyes gave her a strikingly similar look to her mother. The latter died in an accident in her father’s laboratory. When Hotaru was transformed into Mistress 9, she looked exactly like Keiko, as she took the appearance of 30 years old.

She Never Had A Daimon Form In The 90s Anime.

In the 90s’ anime adaptation of the manga, Mistress 9 never converted to her True Form as a Daimon. She was only seen as a human-Daimon hybrid. However, in later adaptation, she can be seen in her Daimon form.

Why Do I Like Mistress 9?

Hearing this might leave you in awe that villains also have a strong fanbase. Mistress 9 can undoubtedly be regarded as such a character. What made me like her was her sense of awareness. She knew how much power she had and how she would use it. She is fearless and devoted to her purpose, whether good or bad. Another factor that distinguishes her from other villains is her loyalty to her master. 

Most of the villains from the Sailor Moon series became greedy towards the power of Silver Crystal and tried to snatch the power. However, Mistress 9 kept her loyalty and surrendered her prowess and strength to her master.


Question: Are Hotaru and Mistress 9 the same individual?

Answer: Technically speaking, Hotaru is seen as a commoner while Mistress 9 a powerful extraterrestrial. Hotaru is also passed with a Daimon egg, which took over her body, converting her to Mistress 9. It can be said that Hotaru had a separate entity dwelling inside her body.

Question: Is Hotaru Sailor Saturn?

Answer: Like other Sailor Guardians, Hotaru was born with Sailor Saturn’s spirit. To awake, her spirit’s three talismans were a necessity. However, when other Sailor Guardians found her, she had already been possessed by Mistress 9.

Question: Is Sailor Saturn stronger than Sailor Moon?

Answer: Sailor Saturn destroys Master Pharaoh 90, whom Sailor Moon couldn’t defeat. This generated a misconception that Sailor Saturn is more robust than Sailor Moon. Their comparison cannot be justified as Sailor Moon isn’t portrayed as destructive but as a healing power. At the same time, Sailor Saturn is regarded as the destroyer of everything.

Question: Why was Mistress 9 not killed by the Sailor Moon’s attack?

Answer: Mistress 9 is an extraterrestrial spirit known as Daimon in the series. When she is struck by the energy, she absorbs it. After Mistress 9 merges with her master, Sailor moon’s attacks make her more powerful.

Question: Why did Professor Tomoe create Mistress 9?

Answer: Pod of Mistress 9 was implanted in Hotaru’s body by the professor. Even though Tomoe was also her father, professor Tomoe’s experiments provided her with an unwanted host. One of the main reasons was that he was also possessed by a Daimon.

Mistress 9 Character Guide: Summing Up

Sailor Moon is one of the most famous manga of all time. It beautifully developed several main characters, including villains, and their fandom expanded over time. Mistress 9 is one of the most potent and famous villains in the Sailor Moon series. 

Mistress 9 played a critical role as the main villain in the series. Most of the characters and story were buildup around her. Her genius as a mistress villain is worth praising. The way she carried all the burdens and developed a whole story around her just to make room for her master is worth talking about.

The antagonists differentiate good from bad. When all is right, nothing seems right. Despite all the efforts and hard work, Mistress 9 is not admired or praised much because of all the dirty work she had to do to gain more power. She needs more recognition and love from fans, as villains are an essential part of a story.

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