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I recently reread the whole Demon Slayer manga. In the end, I couldn’t stop myself from admiring the disgusting character of the Upper-Rank II Demon Doma. “Admiring” and “disgusting,” yeah, it’s not something you will often hear about someone in a single sentence, but that’s how I would describe Doma.

Doma is a well-written antagonist that perfectly represents the evil within human beings. He evokes emotions of disgust and hatred within those who bear his self-centered, narcissistic approach toward life. In his own way, he fits the world of Demon Slayer brilliantly.

He’s one of the few demons in the series who genuinely feel like they were born a demon rather than made one by the society around them. Often the monsters in the story have tragic pasts, which leads to them accepting Muzan’s invitation to become a demon. However, in Doma’s case, he willingly and happily accepts it.

He seeks power for his own good and only his own good at it. He is utterly self-centered and thinks of himself as above others, thinking of humans like stupid fragile creatures.

I have made sure to fill this Doma Demon Slayer Guide with all my personal thoughts, opinions, and reflections. Now without further ado, let’s dive deep and unravel Doma’s sadistic character and the story of Demon Slayer from his eyes.

Upper-Rank II Demon, Doma: The Emotionless

Appearance and Physical Traits


It would not be an exaggeration to say that Doma is the most beautiful demon in the series. He is a tall man with a muscular build. The top of his head has light blonde hair that is long and spiky.

The skin of all demons is dull and appears drab. But even among them, the smooth skin of Doma stands out. On his forehead are thick and dark falcon-like around the bridge of the nose. The nails of Doma are painted Aegean blue. 

As far as the clothing of Doma is concerned, he wears flashy robes that were the fashion of noblemen in early twentieth-century Japan. The robe is tied by Nepeta green Yukata-belt. Doma wears a skin-tight shirt that goes to the top of his throat beneath his robe. Its color is dark red with black blob-like squiggles at the top.

Doma is also fond of traditional Japanese headwear. Lastly, Doma has the kanji for the number two inscribed in his eyes, similar to other upper-rank demons. His iris is rainbow-colored, which plays a role in attracting young women to him.

Personality and Character

The most fascinating aspect of Doma is his personality. To an inexperienced eye, Doma appears as an aloof demon. He attempts to be friendly to everyone and chooses his words wisely. But all of these are tactics to manipulate those around him. Doma has a narcissistic personality. Nothing is more important to him than his own existence.

Doma, like other narcissists, has an internal sense of insecurity. Instead of reflecting on himself, he preys on others to expose their flaws. He relishes in making the other person agonize over his weaknesses and self-doubts. Also, Doma is a psychopath. This means that he does not feel emotions of kindness or empathy. Only two demons retain their memories and willingly become demons, and Doma is one of them.

It irritates Doma that he cannot feel. Even as a human, he faced this predicament. So his ruthlessness is an attempt to feel something and go through his life. Therefore, all his expressions are mere facades. Doma does not even have a meaning in life. He believes the world is vicious, and there is no higher truth to anything.

It is only pleasure that one seeks. Apart from that, there is no reason to exert so much effort. He mocks those that attempt so hard to go through life but are miserly in their existence. These sentiments of his give rise to his god complex. He constructs a delusion that since there is no higher being, he should become the higher being because of how he understands things.

He has very high intelligence, so that entails arrogance. But since no one can match him mentally, he conceives himself as a better being. Even when he leads a cult and kills people, he acts as if he has done them an act of kindness by letting them become a part of him.

Abilities and Powers


Extremely High Intelligence

Doma was born with high intelligence. Even though he was young, he could see the charade of the cult his parents constructed. Due to his intelligence, he is adept at manipulating others. He composes all the different situations that might occur and reacts accordingly. The brilliance of Doma is demonstrated in battles too.

He quickly analyzes a battle situation and comes up with the most likely answer. While others can also do this, Doma has been seen to do it while being constantly attacked.

Perfect Expression

Since Doma is a psychopath, he does not feel any emotions. Although this would make him a weak human, it is the utmost skill for a demon. The series frequently depicts them evolving their skills based on their emotions. But Doma is different. His lack of emotions is the fundamental cause of his development. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the third most powerful demon.

Furthermore, since emotions do not affect him, he can unsettle his opponents. Around him, there is always a mask that he uses to manipulate the situation to his favor. Doma is flawlessly analytical and uses reason to the utmost extent possible due to his high intelligence and lack of empathy.

Great Perception

This is an overlooked ability of Doma. He can observe the battlefield in its entirety and analyze the best possible outcome. This can be his instincts, as he can see even where his eyes are not looking. This might be because he senses murderous intent like any other seasoned warrior. But this has not been made explicitly clear.

Demonic Abilities

All demons possess regenerative abilities, great stamina, and better-than-average strength. However, in the upper ranks, these abilities are immensely multiplied. Doma can instantly heal any loss of limb or organ when it comes to regeneration. Even with poison for demons, he can analyze its constituents and generate antibodies.

Doma has inexhaustible energy like other demons, and he can keep on fighting unless his human adversary is tired. Combined with his extraordinary regenerative abilities, Doma cannot be beaten in a straight-up fight.

Ice Demon Art

Doma Demon Slayer

Some demons have a specialty in the form of a demon art. For Doma, this is ice. His powers allow him to transform everything that surrounds him into ice. Through his ability, he can create long-distance attacks in the form of icicles. The generation of his ice is also instantaneous, which means that he is even deadly at close range.

Fan Martial Arts

This is also known as the iron fan technique, prominent in ancient Japanese combat. Doma is very adept at using this fighting style with two fans. When combined with his ice abilities, Doma becomes more formidable. With godly strength, Doma can create deadly wind pressure. Other than for attacking, the fans can also be used as shields.

Battle Techniques

Doma employs a variety of techniques to debilitate his opponents. Out of all the upper-rank demons, the abilities of Doma are the most well-rounded.

  • Frozen Lotus: From Doma’s fans, icy lotuses are created. These lotuses serve as traps and create large icicles impaling the target.
  • Dispersing Lotus: A cold wave of thin icicles is created that can pierce open the skin of Doma’s enemy.
  • Crystallin Divine Child: This is one of the most unique techniques possessed by Doma. He uses it to make miniature ice figures that can perform all of his attacks. These figures also work like demons to Kibutsuji as they can show what is happening to Doma through their senses.
  • Muhyo – Bodhisattva Technique: This is the ultimate technique he uses in desperation. Through this attack, a giant Buddha statue is created. This statute can attack its opponents, and it can also spew an icy breath from its mouth.

The Story of the Upper – Rank II Demon, Doma: The Emotionless

The Cult


Doma was born with rainbow-colored eyes. Doma’s parents built a cult by capitalizing on the era’s folly and sensing an opportunity. But as a young boy, he realized that he was not divine. Because of his eyes, his parents used to tell him he had supernatural talents, which he knew he did not have. But Doma was born a psychopath and could not care less about the falsehoods as long as he was taken care of. 

But the lavish life of the cult proved strenuous for his parents. His father slept with the young female cult followers using his position as the father of Doma. When his mother realized what had happened, she killed his father and poisoned herself. However, Doma did not care that his parents had died, and he only regretted how there was a mess of bodies left behind by their actions.

Becoming a Demon

Muzan recruited people he believed could become powerful demons to fight the Hashira, and Doma was the perfect candidate. When he was transformed by Muzan, Doma devoured countless women, holding females to be more nutritious than men as they nurtured babies. To him, this was the peace that the women were searching for through his cult. 

As a demon, Doma quickly climbed the ranks in the demon hierarchy. Due to his quick climb, he was hated by Akaza. Doma was also responsible for turning Gyutaro and Daki into demons who later became Upper-Rank demons themselves. 

The incident with Inosuke Hashibira’s mother occurred when Inosuke was a baby. Due to her abusive husband and mother-in-law, she ran to Doma. Doma gave her protection and kept her alive as a toy for amusement.

But when she figured out that Doma was a demon, she was consumed. Doma also defeated a female Hashira named Kanae Kocho. Although not directly shown in the manga, Doma remarked that he made easy work of her, and it was not even a challenge for him.

A Brief Introduction


After the defeat of Gyutaro, Muzan held a meeting for all the remaining Upper-Rank demons. This was the first time Doma was shown in the series. Doma could observe Akaza becoming provoked by an outpouring of empathetic emotion during the meeting. In turn, Akaza breaks his jaw.

The first ranked demon then reprimands Akaza, saying he should battle him directly. Akaza realizes that he cannot match the strength of Doma. After the meeting, Doma attempts to provoke the rest of the Upper Ranked demons until he is sent back by Nakime to his cult headquarters.

Shinobu Versus Doma

After the initiation of the assault of Muzan, he transfers most demon slayers and Hashira to the infinity castle. Hungry for vengeance for killing her sister, Shinobu goes after Doma, and when she finds him, Doma is consuming women. Initially, Doma does not remember Kanae and does not understand the reason behind Shinobu’s anger.

But soon, the butterfly pin reminds him of the Flower Hashira, that desperately attempted to hold him off but failed miserably. During the fight, Doma notices that Shinobu is fast. But her swiftness makes up for her lack of strength. Doma commends her skills for fighting with him at an intense pace.

Her primary weapon was poison, and she tried to use the same against Doma. But the intelligence and extraordinary regenerative abilities of Doma quickly develop an antibody for her poisons. Slowly, Shinobu is worn down. The ice demon art, the iron fan technique, and the superior demonic abilities of Doma overpower Shinobu.

She does try to launch the best of her attacks with all her determination and courage. Apparently, she manages to lethally poison him. But Doma recovers, grabs hold of her, and starts absorbing her.

Doma Versus Kanao and Inosuke

Doma Versus Inosuke

Just as Shinobu is about to be absorbed by Doma, Kanao appears in the room. He notices the suspicious arrival of Kanao as Shinobu is being absorbed. Shinobu is angered at Doma and vows to avenge her master. To frustrate Doma, Kanao also remarks that he is an emotionless beast that only wears masks of feelings in front of others.

The fight begins with Doma putting heavy pressure on Kanao. He is seemingly frustrated at her words. But Kanao matches his aggression which surprises Doma. Every single attack of Doma is figured out and dodged by Kanao at the last second. Analyzing the whole situation, Doma assesses that Kanao has incredible eyesight that allows her to see through his quick attacks. 

Due to his sadistic nature, Doma wants to take out his eyesight of Kanao and devoid her of all hope. He conforms to his battle techniques in attempting to achieve that. Slowly but surely, the vast power difference between the two shows itself. Doma takes hold of her blade in an instant.

He is about to kill the swordless demon slayer before Inosuke breaks into the room. He protects her from Doma’s attacks. Realizing from the circumstances that Shinobu is dead, Inosuke vows vengeance upon Doma. The body of Inosuke bothers Doma as he can contort it to the weirdest angles. Through his gymnastics and quick movements, he manages to retrieve Kanao’s sword.

Doma is taken aback due to the strange fighting technique of Inosuke. He remarks that this is the first human he has seen that can dislocate their joints and move their organs.

For a second, Inosuke becomes arrogant, which allows Doma to steal the boar-mask of Inosuke. His face is revealed, and the feminine features of Inosuke remind Doma of someone he knew. Soon he recalls that it was his mother.

He relays to Inosuke her story and how she gave birth to him, arrived at the cult, and dropped as she was about to die. Doma also called his mother an idiot. This enrages Inosuke further, and he wants to put Doma through extreme agony for what he had done. 

Both Inosuke and Kanao join their strengths to take down the Upper Rank Two demon. But since he feels that other Hashira are about to approach Muzan, he creates clones of himself to deal with the two young demon slayers.

Shinobu’s Plan

Feeling confident that he has the demon slayers on the ropes, he ventures towards the door. But his face begins to disintegrate as he approaches it.

This was the plan of Shinobu taking effect where she had put a lot of wisteria in her body. When Doma consumed her, that poison began to slowly circulate and, finally, make him vulnerable. After his face, his arm also becomes heavy, and he falls down to his knees. 

Seeing Doma on his knees, Inosuke jumps forward to take off Doma’s head. But Doma manages to execute his Bodhisattva technique. The giant ice buddha drives away Kanao and Inosuke, but its attacks are not precise.

Inosuke distracts the ice statue while Kanao performs her most effective technique to reach the neck of the demon. But she does not have the strength to behead. Inosuke throws his swords vehemently to give her the extra energy to behead the Upper Rank Two demon.

Final Moments

Doma realizes that he underestimated Shinobu as she was not capable enough of beheading him. He thinks about his life and his lack of emotions. When in death, he arrives to have his head in the hands of Shinobu.

Doma compliments her while she expresses scorn. Before disintegrating and going to hell, Doma feels a beating in his chest. He says that he finally feels something, and that is love. Before going to hell, he asks Shinobu to join her, which she obviously rejects.

Trivial and Fascinating Facts about Doma

Douma's death

What Does the Name Doma Mean?

Like other characters in Demon Slayer, the names hold special meanings. In the case of Doma, his kanji means child. If we examine the personality of Doma, he is childlike in his demeanor and always curious.

Doma could also reference how he was the head of a cult as a child, and he never grew out of that childish phase due to his circumstances.

What Is Doma’s Hair Color?

Since Demon Slayer is a Japanese manga, the panels are drawn in black and white, and it is challenging to ascertain color. However, in the color panels occasionally drawn by the author, Doma has seen to have golden/yellow hair. But there are also other chapters where his hair is shown to be platinum. Even in the anime, the latter is his hair color.

Why Does Muzan Dislike Doma?

It seems the reason why Muzan hates Doma is why everyone hates Doma. He is highly annoying. Because Doma is self-aware and highly conscious of what is happening, he willingly provokes people through his kindness. This manipulation might be why even the number two ranked demon is hated.


Question: Why does Doma not Kill Kotoha?

Answer: Doma is a psychopath. But even psychopaths need to enjoy some time. To him, Kotoha was a fascinating human as she ran away from her husband because he abused her. He found her idiotic. But she was beautiful and also had an excellent voice. So he kept her around like a toy.

Question: How did Doma Become the Second-ranked Demon?

Answer: This can be attributed to his lack of emotions, so he is not hampered by his memories like other demons. Another factor is that Doma had a cult at his disposal from where he could handpick his food. Lastly, he mostly consumed women because he believed them to be more nutritious.

Question: Why does Doma Fit well in the Demon Slayer Series?

Answer: Doma is a pure antagonist. He is brutal, manipulative, and does not believe in anyone. Even when he reveres Muzan, it seems like he has ulterior motives for his affection. Combined with the fact that he is a demon, he is the perfect enemy on which the negative emotions of the audience could be focused.

Doma Demon Slayer Guide: Final Thoughts

Everywhere across the world, Demon Slayer is popular among manga fans. Currently, the franchise has made over $8 billion. It is one of the one the highest-selling franchises of all time. And its popularity might grow even more as the anime is still airing. What makes Demon Slayer so popular is its narrative that anyone can understand.

Within that structure, the author of the series has created characters that fit perfectly into their roles. Doma is one such character. If I am being honest, I detest Doma. But this is far from being a terrible aspect. This means that the character has been able to do its job of creating negative sentiments about him.

There is no redeeming quality about him, and the author wanted to show that. And when he dies, the catharsis one attains; this is why Demon Slayer is popular and why I love it.

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