dabi mha guide

Dabi MHA Guide

“The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” My hero academia is one of the most popular anime franchises in the modern mainstream animes. This recognition is due to the mix and blends of interesting characters created by Kohei Horikoshi. Each character has his backstory, which …

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toru hagakure guide

Toru Hagakure Guide

I must admit, My Hero Academia is one of the most indulging and interesting manga I have ever read. The plot is simple yet fascinating, and the execution is immaculate. In a world where eighty percent of the humans have supernatural powers, they are split into two, one group striving to be heroes and the …

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teka todoroki guide

Teka Todoroki Guide

Years ago, my friend recommended My Hero Academia when it first came out. He told me the series is like Harry Potter, but the school is for superheroes instead of wizards. I was initially hesitant because there are tons of anime series that came before with similar premise, such as Ao No Exorcist. Despite my …

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nana shimura guide

Nana Shimura Guide

This Nana Shimura guide is one of the most mysterious ones that I could ever cover for My Hero Academia. This is due to the fact that this character is shrouded in so much mystery and intrigue. There is not a whole lot that is known about her, except for the significant, world-defining events that …

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Camie Utsushimi Guide

Airheaded characters have become a common trope within the anime industry, and I love it. They are sometimes the best characters to set up comedic timings. For example, Azumanga Daioh has a cast full of airheaded people that the logical ones would sometimes be the odd ones out. Likewise, My Hero Academia also has such …

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Himiko Toga Guide

I have talked about it many times in the past, such as on the My Hero Academia characters page, but the cast of this manga and anime series is massive and fantastic. I may get some hate for this one, but the best girl for me in this series is none other than Himiko Toga. …

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Mina Ashido Guide

Mina Ashido Guide

Mina Ashido, referred to as Pinky, could just be the most courageous girl in the My Hero Academia 1-A class. She uses a quirk called Acid that allows her to produce acid from any part of the body. Although it seems like a very generic superhero power, Mina can utilize this ability to launch projectiles, …

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Mei Hatsume Guide

The My Hero Academia cast is vast, with many different superheroes, villains, and supporting characters. That last group is who the star of this Mei Hatsume guide falls into. Mei is an inventor and absolute genius high school student who is less interested in being a Pro Hero than supporting them. She might not be …

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