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Sailor Moon is a well-known manga written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. The SailorMoon sequel was published in the monthly manga anthology Nakayoshi from December 28, 1991, to February 3, 1997.

The Sailor Moon manga has multiple adaptations into anime, including a recent release of the Sailor Moon Eternal, a two-part movie based on the dream arc of manga known as the Dead Moon in Japanese. It is the direct continuation of the Sailor Moon crystal series, co-produced by Toei Animation and Studio Deen.

The dream arc of the manga, as portrayed in Sailor Moon Eternal, starts with the solar eclipse where the mysterious Dead Moon Circus arrives on the Earth. Queen Nehelenia, the ruler of the Dead Moon Circus, claims the throne of the Silver Millennium as rightfully hers.

She starts trapping humans in nightmares to rule over the Earth and obtain the silver crystal. Her nightmares also victimize the Sailor Guardians, but they manage to break free from her tricks. After getting aware of the danger, Sailor Moon and Sailor Guardians combine their power to revive the Earth and Elysion, the Golden Kingdom. 

The story behind this dream arc is based on love and friendship and how friends’ combined efforts and loyalty overcome what looks like undefeatable. It further touches the heart of its readers by introducing many strong characters whose character development and plot cast a spell over them.

One of such characters is Helios. When the Earth is invaded by the Dead Moon Circus, Sailor Guardians come across a Pegasus named Helios. He asks them to help him find a maiden who can help him open the seal of Golden crystal. This guide will offer its reader a deep insight into the character of Helio and how the Sailor Moon fans perceive him. 


Helios appears both as a human and a Pegasus in the series; let’s elucidate how he looks in both his forms. 


Image from Fandom

As a Pegasus, he appears as a white horse with a pair of large white wings. He looks just like a unicorn from fairytales. A Golden horn on his head keeps, and there is a Golden crystal and a red teardrop-shaped jewel embedded on his forehead. His eyes are orange with a hint of yellow.


Image from Fandom

Helios appears as a young man with Hazel eyes and ear-length bluish-grey hair. He has a red, teardrop-shaped jewel embedded in his forehead and a Golden horn on his head, just like Pegasus.

His skin is quite pale, and he wears a long white dress with navy blue fabric hanging on his chest through five Golden crystals, with sheer sleeves, white straight narrow trousers, and white shoes. He has a navy-blue belt and a light blue collar. He wears silver earrings and a white choker with a Golden oval ornament.

Personality and Character

Personality-wise helios is well thought out and kind. Although he was cursed and has been through lots of trouble, he is still optimistic and: does almost everything to protect his homeland from the evil invaders. His optimism is what keeps him going in times of disaster.

He keeps on struggling and uses his limited power to protect what was put in his hands. He finds a unique way of hiding from the Dead Moon Circus in dreams of Chibiusa, which shows his continuous struggle while being unable to do anything. 

Another aspect of Helios’s personality is associated with his love and affection, especially towards Chibiusa. Initially, Helios was more of a mentor to Chibiusa. Still, his warm and tender heart attracts Chibiusa toward him, and they develop a strong bond of intimacy. 

Abilities and Powers

Helios, like other guardians, also possesses powers and abilities that significantly distinguish him from others. Some of his worth mentioning qualities include:

He Is a Fighter

Helios is a ruminative fighter. The first requirement to conquer a fight is the fighting will, and without any doubt, he has it. He is always willing to fight till his last breath. And this trait is well-acknowledged among his enemies.

Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Common superhuman physical characteristics include stamina and strength that exceeds the normal human limits. Helios also has these superhuman physical qualities that differentiate him from a regular teenage boy.

Dream Manipulation

Dream manipulation means that he can affect and control others’ dreams. He can travel through dreams and use them as a method of communication or attack them in real life through dreams. Helios mainly uses his dream manipulation power to guide and seek help from Sailor Guardians in the series.

Force Field Creation

In the series, force field creation is the ability to make barriers around objects or move objects/people around. Helios makes the best use of this ability and can be seen moving things and people through different dimensions. He used his force field power to move purifying crystals to the Earth’s surface in the series. He also carried Prince Endymion and Usagi to Elysion by using this power.


Image from Fandom

Helios is a high priest of the Elysion Kingdom; he can cleanse those of status effects, including poisons, sleep, and confusion. Helios uses his purification power to help Sailor Chibi Moon wake up from her nightmares. During the fight with Zirconia, he provides his purification powers to Sailor Moon and Endymion. 


Teleportation is one of the leading powers Helios has. He can move from one location to another without physically occupying space. It allows him to move between time, parallel universe, and dimensions. Helios used his teleportation abilities several times in the series where he travels between the two parallel worlds.

His Spirit Can Live Without A Body

His Spirit can move and live without the need of his physical body. As seen in the series, Helios’ actual body was held in a cage in Elysion while his Spirit traveled to the Earth. It clarified that he did not need a physical medium to travel.


Helios can encase people and put them in a deep sleep to protect them from enemies’ attacks such as mind manipulation. He used his ability of crystalization to protect the Maenads and Sailor Guardians by freeing them from the nightmares of Queen Nehelenia. 


Helios doesn’t show any weakness when it comes to fighting. However, his body is synchronized with Sailor Moon Earth and Endymion. His body suffers because of an enemy attack on Sailor Moon Earth in the series. Not to mention, Endymion also feels the pain Helios feels.

The Tale of Helios, the Master of the Pegasus

Image from Fandom

The story of Helios starts with the invasion of the Dead Moon Circus on the Earth during the solar eclipse. While looking at the solar eclipse, Momrou Chiba feels a sharp pain in his chest, and Chibiusa hears the bells ringing. On the same night, Chibiusa meets a Pegasus in her dream, introducing himself as Helios.

Helios is the high-priest who lived in the times of the silver Millennium when prince Endymion ruled the Golden Kingdom of Earth known as Elysion. When the prince left for the surface, Helios remained in Elysion along with priestesses to protect the Elysion. He is the guardian priest of the prince Endymiyon, making them connected to each other. Furthermore, their connections with Earth and Elysion bring all four closer to one another. 

Elysion is the capital of the Golden Kingdom of Earth, which was ruled by Prince Endymion. He was reborn as Mamoru Chiba in the modern world. In the story, Elysion is a dream world protected by dreams, and Helios is the protector of people’s beautiful dreams.

When Prince Endymion leaves Elysion to fight against the invaders of Silver Millenium, the Moon Kingdom, he leaves Helios behind as the guardian of Elysion. 

Helios is the high priest and guardian of Prince Endymion. He mainly stays at the prayer tower of Elysion, praying for the well-being of his beloved Kingdom. One of his prayers was answered, and the vision of a maiden appearing in the prayer tower told him about the princess and a warrior who could help him activate the Golden crystal. But sadly, before he could reach out to the princess, the Kingdom gets attacked by Dead Moon.

The Queen of the Dead Moon, Queen Nehelenia, attacks Elysion to find the Golden crystal with the same power as the Silver crystal. She needs the crystal to take over the Kingdom of Earth, so she gets enough power to take over the Moon Kingdom. However, she lacks beautiful dreams and cannot locate the Golden crystal. Angry and frustrated, Queen Nehelenia cursed Helios trapping his body in Pegasus, Helios’s horse, and locked him in the cage.

Facing this stressful situation, Helios appears in the dream of Chibiusa, calling her “maiden protected by moonlight’ to help him. Before leaving, he gives Chibiusa a bell if she ever needs him, but he sure needs her.

When Chibiusa and Usagi face the difficulty of transforming into Sailor Guardians, they use the bell to seek help from Helios. He helps them transform by providing them with new weapons. Their transformation confirms their identities as guardians of the Moon. Later on, Helios decides to ask them for help. 

After getting aware of the abilities of Sailor Guardians, Helios starts to trust them and assists them during the attacks of Zirconia. He also decides to tell them the story of Elysion and the Golden crystal.

Helios reveals that Elysion was the Golden Kingdom ruled by Endymion, known as Mamoru chan; he was his guardian priest, whom he left behind as the caretaker of Elysion. Now Elysion is taken over and cursed by Queen Nehelenia of the Dead Moon. She has turned him into a Pegasus and imprisoned him in a cage. 

Helios takes his Prince Endymion and Usagi to Elysion to purify them from Queen Nehelenia’s curse with the help of cleansing crystals and send some of them to the surface of Earth. At this point, Helios has used all of his energy and faints in the cage he was locked in. 

With his story ending, Helios revives in his human form after the final battle. He takes everyone back to the Earth and leaves the planet to perform his duties as a guardian of Elysion.

Important Events

Meeting With Princess Small Lady Serenity

Image from Fandom

One of the most significant events in Helios’s life is his meeting with the future princess, Small lady Serenity. While praying at the Elysion tower, he met the poltergeist of a Small lady who informed him of the curse and how to break the seal of the Golden crystal. 

That meeting left him hoping that the seal of The Golden crystal could be dissolved. After the invasion of the Dead Moon, the Spirit of the meeting kept him motivated to find a way to end the curse and revive the Kingdom.

He Falls In Love With Sailor Chibi Moon

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While looking for the maiden who could help him ward off the enemies, Helios falls in love with Sailor Chibi Moon. He initiates the intimacy between the two by kissing Chibiusa to wake her up from the nightmare she was suffering. From then on, he keeps protecting and supporting Chibiusa till the end of the series. He pledges never to leave her side and meet her again before leaving for Elysion.

Characters Who Had an Impact On Helios’s Life

Helios plays a crucial role in the fourth anime series of Sailor Moon, as the rest of the story revolves around him. Helios is one of the main characters and has a deep connection with many characters around him in the series.

Prince Endymion

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At the start of the dream arc, Momaru feels the stabbing pain in his chest when Pegasus appears in front of him. Unaware of his identity and the reason for the pain, Momaru keeps suffering for quite some time. Until one day, during the fight with Zirconia, the subordinate of Queen Nehelenia, Helios appears to help Momaru by bringing some purifying crystals to the Earth and tells him about his real identity as Prince Endymion.

Helios and Prince Endymion share a deep-rooted connection as Helios was the guardian priest of the Prince and Kingdom of Elysion. He informs Prince Endymion about the curse of Queen Nehelenia that infected him and the prince as well because of their connected hearts. 

Although Helios is captured by the Queen, he still manages to bring Usagi and Endymion to the Elysionby using all the remaining energy he could gather. At Elysion palace, there are a few purifying crystals left that Usagi and Endymion use to rid the nightmares and suffering beset upon them by Queen Nehelenia. 

Here Helios introduces Endymion to the Golden crystal that he has been safekeeping. Later in the series, Usagi, the Sailorguardian of love and justice, asks him to use the Golden crystal to unleash his powers and revive the Kingdom.

In my view, Helios and Endymion are the counterparts of each other. They are inseparable. Their hearts also sync together with Sailor Moon Earth, making them more crucial to each other. 

Sailor Chibi Moon

Image from Fandom

Sailor Chibi Moon, also called Chibiusa, is the future daughter of Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion. She came from the 30th century to train as a Sailorguardian of the future, the Kingdom of Silver Millennium. After completing her training, Chibiusa was about to go back to the 30th century when the solar eclipse occurred.

While darkness overtook the Earth, Chibiusa hears a bell ringing and an illusion of Pegasus, which she thinks of as a mere illusion. This marked the first encounter between Chibiusa and Helios, and we notice a mix of emotions of trust, sacrifice, and love that follow throughout the series.

The same night of the attack, while sleeping, Pegasus revisits her in her dream and calls her a maiden, giving her a bell to ring whenever she needs him. Also, he seeks her help to find a princess and a warrior protected by moonlight to help him open the seal of Golden crystal. Chibiusa woke up thinking of it as a dream, but the bell fell from her body, and she realized that it was not just a dream, but something real had happened. 

When Chibiusa tried to open the portal to move back to the 30th century, she could not do it due to the barrier created by Dead Moon. Instead, she faced an unprecedented enemy attack. Usagi and Chibiusa realized that they couldn’t transform facing this unusual situation during this attack. The need for this weird situation made Chibiusa ring the bell to summon Helios to their help.

Helios provided them with new weapons and helped them make successful transformations. However, before leaving this time, he comforted Chibiusa with a kiss, starting the story of intimacy between the two. 

At the end of the series, we can see Helios promising Chibiusa to meet her again, referring to their reunion as Prince and Princess in future Kingdoms. Chibiusa plays a vital role in developing Helios’ plot. She assisted him with the maiden even before the Dead Moon’s arrival. In present times Chibiusa supports him and guides him through the path of finding answers to the mysteries.

Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon is the main antagonist of the whole series. She was a princess of the moon Kingdom Silver millennium. Sailor Moon possesses the silver crystal and falls in love with the Prince of Earth Kingdom Endymion. Sailor Moon is reborn as Usagi Tsukino in the modern-day world, where she meets her Sailor Guardians and destined love, Momuro Chiba. 

In the series, Usagi also encounters Helios in her dream as Pegasus for the first time. Afterward, Helios helps her transform into a Sailor Moon upon the call of Chibiusa. After knowing that Sailor Moon was the maiden he was informed about, Helios pursues her and requests her to help him and Prince Endymion. He needs her assistance to dissolve the seal of Golden crystal to help free the Golden Kingdom from the curse of Queen Nehelenia. 

Sailor Moon was a key to many obstacles for Helios. She was the one and only person who could help him reveal the Golden crystal and fight for the revival of the Kingdom. 

Queen Nehelenia

Image from Fandom

Queen Nehelenia is an evil counterpart of the Silver Millennium. She owns darkness and feeds upon the nightmares of people. Queen serenity blocked her from entering the Kingdom to stop her from spreading her negative energies. Queen Nehelenia decides to take over the Silver Millennium by obtaining the Golden crystal of the Earth Kingdom, which she could not because she doesn’t have a beautiful dream. 

Desperate to obtain power, Queen Nehelenia starts capturing people in nightmares, gathering all their energy to match the required potential. When Queen Nehelenia remains unsuccessful in finding the Golden crystal, she imprisons Helios, the guardian priest, inside the body of his favorite horse. 

Queen Nehelenia is the main antagonist in the story of Helios. He suffered quite a lot at her hands. She tortured Helios to obtain the Golden crystal, but he was determined to fight against her. Nevertheless, he low-key didn’t even know how to use the Golden crystal.


Image from Fandom

Maenads are two priestesses who, along with Helios, served the Golden Kingdom and watched over the shrine in Elysion. The priest girls looked almost similar to Usagi, except their appearance was based on a very light color scheme. Their hair was also white but similar in style to Usagis’s hairstyle.

When Elysion was invaded by the Dead Moon Circus, resulting in the capture of Helios, Maenads were protected by the purifying crystals of Elysion. They slept in the crystals just like Queen Serenity when she was attacked by Dead Moon Clan. Helios and the two Maenads were the only survivors at Elysion after it was trampled by Dead Moon’s brutal attack.

To help Endymion and Sailor Guardians during their fight with Zirconia, Helios sends the purifying crystals to the surface, Maenads being awakened without the crystals. However, upon the arrival of Chibiusa and others, they introduced themselves. Maenads led everyone to the palace while Helios remained unconscious.

An Analysis of Helios

Helios is a side character in the overall Sailor Moon manga. Still, most of the dream arc is developed around him. The way his character is built up and supports the rest of the characters around him is worth the compliment. 

The writer made quite an effort to connect him with the past lives of Sailor Guardians and Prince Endymion and established a special relationship with all the characters around him. Also, the character has the perfect energy needed to support a protagonist like him. His personality gives a strong vibe of what his character holds. 

Overall, Helios’s character is very determined. One can clearly notice how much he is willing to sacrifice everything to protect his homeland. His determination is, in fact, unmatchable. He uses all his power to fulfill his mission even though he is cursed and imprisoned.

This leaves him with minimal capacity to fight, as he neither does have any fighting abilities like Sailor Shenshi. He needs to break the seal of the Golden crystal to benefit from its powers, and he uses every drop of his energy to bring his master to a safe place and cure his curse.

He is a selfless person who took care of everyone and took extreme steps to protect whatever was tasked to him. He even puts all of his power into protecting the Sailor Guardians by providing them with the purifying crystals. He has a warm and sweet aura, is kind toward everyone, and shares sweet love with Chibiusa. Not a typical love but divine love, a pure form of love. 

What I Like About Helios

Image from Fandom

What I like most about the character of Helios is his composure. He is very gentle, kind, and considerate. He is one of the most charming supporting characters. Even though he has been through a lot, the tenderness and sweetness of his character remain the same.

Another feature that makes him more loveable is that he doesn’t give in easily. After all the defeatist events and manipulation from Queen Nehelenia, he could’ve just given up and let it be. However, he chooses to fight back, even when he lacks fighting powers.

He is a calm, polite, and wise man who thinks thoroughly through situations. His thoughtfulness led him to the path where he could find a remedy to save his Kingdom.

Trivia and Fun Facts

His Name After Greek Mythology

Helios’s name denotes sun, and he was named after the Greek God of the sun. Also known as Titan, this Greek God was thought of moving his chariot across the sky, which resulted in the sun’s rising and setting.

His Golden Horn Disappears

In one version of the story, his Golden Horn is supposed to contain Golden crystals. And another version states that the Golden horn indicates that he is under the influence of magic. His Golden horn disappears after the curse is lifted, and he returns the Golden crystal to Prince Endymion. 

Immortal Or Stuck In His Age

When he introduces himself, Helios tells everyone that he has been praying for thousands of years against the invasion of the Dead Moon. His life span and appearance contradict each other, as he looks 13/14 years old, which means either he is Immortal or is stuck in his age, just like Chibiusa.

Pegasus But Resembles An Alicorn

The winged horse in the series is named Pegasus. In Greek mythology, Pegasus is a winged horse with the ability to fly and move across dimensions. While the Pegasus accompanying Helios looks more like an alicorn (a winged unicorn with a horn).


Question: Did Helios and Chibiusa get married?

Answer: Although Chibiusa and Helios shared romantic feelings toward each other, they did not get married in the series. There are hints indicating their future reunion. In my opinion, when they grow adults, they might get married.

Question: How are Helios and Prince Endymion related?

Answer: Endymion was the Prince of Elysion, and Helios was his guardian priest. They both share a strong bond because of the connection that exists between their hearts.

Question: Did Helios die in the series?

Answer: Helios loses consciousness due to frequent traveling between dimensions and using his energy to teleport people, especially purifying crystals of Elysion. His death is in no way suggested in the series.

Helios Character Guide: Wrapping Up

Sailor Moon marvelously portrayed the power of love and friendship. The chemistry between the characters is well developed. The writer of the series put a lot of effort into detailing the supporting characters like Helios. Being the keeper of the dreams, Helios is the nexus of the dream arc.

Helios does not have magical powers like the Sailor Guardians to fight the enemies. Still, he plays the role of protagonist very well. He defended his homeland and gathered the most powerful elements to move against the enemies. 

His determination and willpower are more robust than any of the characters in the story. Also, his love for his master and loyalty toward his land is worth praising.

Helios is a character with many qualities and is loved and praised by fans, yet he is not the mainstream character. In my opinion, he should be attributed the title of a main character or hero of the series. He saved the Earth, after all. 

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