toru hagakure guide

Toru Hagakure Guide

I must admit, My Hero Academia is one of the most indulging and interesting manga I have ever read. The plot is simple yet fascinating, and the execution is immaculate. In a world where eighty percent of the humans have supernatural powers, they are split into two, one group striving to be heroes and the …

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delta boruto guide

Delta Boruto Guide

Female characters in the Naruto Franchise are underrated and underappreciated. It is understandable because they don’t have any significant roles in the series, but it still makes me sad that they are underutilized. Many female characters are likable and have so much potential. Their struggles and relationship would have made the plot much more enriching …

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teka todoroki guide

Teka Todoroki Guide

Years ago, my friend recommended My Hero Academia when it first came out. He told me the series is like Harry Potter, but the school is for superheroes instead of wizards. I was initially hesitant because there are tons of anime series that came before with similar premise, such as Ao No Exorcist. Despite my …

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