Best Naruto Posters

Naruto is a reasonably popular manga with a massive fan base worldwide and selling over 250 million copies. This manga was serialized back in 1999 in Shueisha’s magazine Weekly Shonen Jump. Later on, I got two anime adaptations produced by Studio Pierrot and Nippon. The first adaptation was released on 3 October 2002, and the …

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Orochimaru Boruto Guide

Orochimaru Boruto Guide

Orochimaru is among the most hated and vile characters in the Naruto and Boruto universes. That said, as you will see in this Orochimaru Boruto guide, there are some massive changes to the infamous villain in Boruto, the sequel to Naruto. The follow-up manga and anime series controversially tried to make some significant changes to …

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Denki Kaminari Guide

Denki Kaminari Guide

Denki Kaminari, or Chargebolt, is one of the side characters in My Hero Academia. Portrayed as jovial and light-hearted, Denki loves to socialize with others. He is often coupled with Mineta, and they love to do various shenanigans involving girls and locker rooms. Despite being a likable guy (much more likable than Mineta), he is …

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Touya Todoroki Guide

Touya Todoroki Guide

Toya Todoroki, alias Dabi, is one of the main antagonists in My Hero Academia. He debuted in manga episode 39 as a Shoto’s flashback. He would have an official debut in episode 57. For the longest time, we don’t know much about Dabi. He is surrounded by a veil of mystery, and occasionally, we don’t …

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Leorior hxh Guide

Leorior hxh Guide: Leorio Paradinight, the Punchy Boar of Medicine 

Hunter X Hunter is full of inspiring characters with goals that will make your heart pound with determination. Then, of course, villainous hooligans with their own web of madness test these hunters. Leorio Paradinight might not have the same spotlight his peers share in the anime. That is primarily because Leorio is an upstanding young …

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